I don't know how to introduce this so I'm just going to hit you with a list of some of my thoughts about the first graphic novel adaptation of Wings of Fire. They're mainly positive so if you hated it and positive things about it will make you angry, you don't really have to read this.

- The cover is so shiny and colourful and nice
- I got the paperback version and this is a weird thing to like but....it’s shaped nice.
- The map??? I, a known biome nerd, am shook
- The prophecy??? I’m shook
- The prologue??? Fight me, I love it, it’s more effective in this format than the prose book’s prologue would be. How can you not love the line “Something…muddy”
- The dummy! How sick is that?
- I really like Kestrel’s design, especially the scar on her face. At first I thought “uhh what’s that” and then I realized oh!! oh!!!! OH!!!!!
- I love page eleven with Tsunami and Clay in the cave! Like, maybe too much! If that was a poster I would stick that all up on my wall!
- At this point I’m saying “I love every single page!” but 12-13, with the dragonets of destiny, uwu I love this sso much.....my kids.....and it was so satisfying and wonderful then (I guess this counts as a spoiler?) at the thing at the end.... with Clay’s little description.......Hit Me Up!!! Straight in the feelings!!! Instant K.O.!!!! Cue to me crying!
- Okay at this point I’m literally just telling you I love every page but I love, love, LOVE the way the story of how Queen Oasis was killed, and how it’s portrayed in the graphic novel! It’s so good! I think it’s my absolute favourite part.
- This isn’t specific, it’s about the whole book, but Clay looks like my dumb dog whomst j’adore
- Sunny saying “You gotta see [that weird bug]! It’s so weird!”
- I don’t really like the way Morrowseer is drawn. I said it before and I’ll say it again: he looks like a buff dachshund with weird eyes.
- This is a nitpick disguised as a joke but Tsunami’s neck reminds me of that dog in Undertale, where when you pet it, its neck keeps getting longer until I’m pretty sure it bursts through the action box thing
- Glory’s Frosty Mode™
- @ Starflight’s scroll on page 34...is this a conlang I see before me... (I will stop being disappointed at the lack of linguistic variety in fictional worlds when I am dead)
- Clay swimming in the river!!!
- That page – it’s in the trailer – where Tsunami and Clay are coming up on the sunrise? YAAAH
- When theyre...gettign captured...and Starflight says the thing abt the scrolls...I don’t really like Starflight very much in the prose books (because his crush on Sunny weirds me out, I didn’t like TDS, and I felt his character could have gone a lot of more interesting ways) but he’s my favourite in the graphic novel for this and this alone
- (Also I like his face)
- The arena’s design, every single time it’s shown! Throwback to the five years of my life I planned on being an architect
- Peril is so pretty! I kind of wish they’d stuck with the design first described in the book, because I’ve always thought Peril was kind of coppery-coloured, but I like her design here too.
- I may be remembering wrong but I think that Vermilion was always the announcer in the books but I think cutting him out of the graphic novel was a big improvement, it makes the balcony less clunky and cluttered
- I don’t really like the way Glory sits on the tree lol
- Scarlet’s throne is incredible and I need to order ten of them immediately
- I do not, however, like Scarlet’s little suit thing. It looks messy and weird and I imagined it much classier. Plus, I hoped it would help me to solve the mystery of how dragons wear clothes.
- I like the part where Scarlet says “white people are weird.” I’m white but that’s a big mood
- Page 100 has a SandWing holding a goblet of water that I hope wasn’t intended to be water at first, who says “Less talking! More killing!” This SandWing is my new favourite character.
- The venom on Fjord’s face is gruesome and I really like it. Purely thematically I promise!
- The part where Peril chucks mud at Clay is like something out of a dream I can barely remember. I don’t like it very much but I think it was in the book so eh
- I made a meme about Clay’s dream sequence thingie and my meme says “I don’t understand Clay’s dream sequence thingie and at this point I’m too afraid to ask”
- Osprey is a saggy old man and A+ FOR BOLD CHARACTER DESIGN
- I’m so glad the backstory about Kestrel and Scarlet and Peril is illustrated because I’ve never really understood it and this helps me a lot
- I Like Burn’s Shirt
- Burn wears a shirt so she can rip the shirt by flexing her biceps. It’s just a fact
- I love Clay and his smooth jazz interlude. “It’s not smooth jazz,” they tell me, but I know for a fact that Clay is Pyrrhia’s top jazz cat
- I like Scarlet’s face in the fire but my brother is constantly listening to that one song from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, you know the one, I’d say the name but I don’t know that I can, and all I can think about is that
- I’m not going to highlight every single time I like someone’s face but I consistently appreciate Starflight, Clay, Tsunami, Peril, and Scarlet for their expressions
- I don’t like the ‘oops-we’re-trapped-in-Peril’s-room-and-oh no-she-betrayed-us’ bit but I guess I can’t complain about it since it’s just...here.
- Gill has a really interesting design
- Page 150...oof!! Effective!! Nice!!
- Also, I don’t know if it was in the book, but I like the way Clay and Starflight are in the arena while the fight’s going on. I never realized it before but it makes everything make a lot more sense.
- I’m a bit disappointed with Glory’s attack, possibly mainly because I know Scarlet’s not dead and I wish she was, but it’s just drawn and designed in a way I wasn’t expecting and don’t really like much.
- But the way she’s standing on the balcony is a little thematic and cool so I like that bit
- I know she’s a terrible person—er, dragon—and I don’t try to apologize for her being terrible, but I really like Kestrel as a character, and I think the graphic novel does explore her a little bit more than the books, just out of the virtue of genre. This doesn’t have much to do with anything but I have so many things to say about genre and medium and the blur of changing medium and I wanted to mention some.
- This is a fact you may know about me as a person but IM LOV WATERFALLS
- Cattail is nasty but she’s such a cool lady, with her crossed arms, her perpetual exhaustion
- How can I tell you how effective I think pages 206 and 207 are? A keyboard smash. Acadqjrofh qfjq qjaijfihf q
- I like the part where Glory goes Oh— Yup. It’s me.
- Because yup!!!! It’s her!!!!!!
- I said it before but page 211? Broke me. Broke me in a good way, the way I hoped Darkness of Dragons would break me but completely and utterly failed to. This Is Good! I Like This! This Made Me So Happy For Some Reason!
- All right, I admit that I saw previews of the graphic novel several months before it came out, which means I have been waiting for months to tell you all how much I LOVE Blister’s helmet. I LOVE BLISTER’S HELMET
- I also love how tall Morrowseer is because mood. I am cognizant of the fact that Morrowseer is a terrible dragon but I like him as a character and I acknowledge that his wrongdoings are wrong and bad and unacceptable. Now that you know that I recognize this I can say it: I’m Morrowseer and my short friends who wear really cool hats are Blister!! Tall people solidarity yaaH!
- As you can ostensibly tell I really liked the graphic novel. I really, really liked the graphic novel. Yes, sometimes the art wasn’t perfect, but on the whole I liked it and I’m really excited for the next four, which I am confident will be produced. Here is a preview of things I am excited for in the graphic novel of The Lost Heir: THE SUMMER PALACE! The Deep Palace! Coral! That cool spear Coral has on her tail! Anemone! Shark and Moray, that’s right, you forgot about Shark and Moray didn’t you! Jacuzzi-I-mean-Whirlpool! Auklet! Orca’s statue! Ideally some sort of flashback of Orca when she was a living dragon! More of Blister! More of Blister’s cool hat! The ocean! Beaches! Islands! Dragon architecture! Dragon food! Dragon culture! Tsunami, who you may know is one of my favourite characters! Magical death spit!
- Thank you for reading this. Fun fact, I love you

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this post is sucha mood.......i wasnt expecting to like the graphic novel but HYYGUH!!!!!!! S O GOOD

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"Burn wears a shirt so she can rip the shirt by flexing her biceps. It’s just a fact"



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Did you know, there's a green MudWing in there

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When I finished reading it I was all like:


.... ok.


(that is a pretty good from me)

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This is making me really want to read the graphic novel now.

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I'm so glad I took the time to read this

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is anyone down to just scream about marvel for a while

what a beautiful day for making a break for it

"white people are weird" PFFT I'M SCREAMING SHE SAID THAT?? I mean it definitely makes more sense with context but addhhsaggdadjfgkffjfjfj


anyways I wasn't excited for the graphic novel but now I NEED to read it, thank you for this wonderful commentary

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