Do you need a prophecy? Come here!

Here's an example


A dragon killed in twisted blood

Then will come the fLood

The final stand of the forth mOon

Then will come the tyPhhon

The Storm will come unless the birth of night and rain

The sea and mud will the pain

The sky will die,her dragonet never to fly

The ice and sand will give the gift

Letting all dragons to lift

The forth moOn will wander the sky

Never to die


Just post what you need!

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 Been here for four years? Almost?

Cleril is a fruit

 "EAT THE BURGER"-Dream Darkstalker 2016

i need a prophecy for "sky of scales" its about a dragon named element (all tribe hybrid) and she has a vision of the sky of scales (pyriha apocalypse) and the nightwings have split into 2 groups, each of them following one descendant of darkstalker, as well as 2 nightwing hybrids (mirage the nightwings-sandwing and darkfire the nightwing-skywing) as the battle rage on, the sky of scales grows closer each day and the come face-to-face with an artifical animus who may be the start and end of it all

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"Everyone is an animal, because if were to slap you it would be animal abuse"


" Im only a crack in this castle of glass"


"lost in my ideals will i find the truth"


luv darkstalker 4 life