A thing you might like to know about me:

I don't really get angry. It's a rare thing for me.

act angry when I'm scared. I dunno why it is, probably to make sure nobody realizes I'm scared/nervous/weak?

But when I'm yelling, hissing, baring my teeth, it's pain, fear, or both.


When I'm actually angry, I get very quiet and ignore people.



Also, recently, uh


Sometimes when I'm at the store, or when I'm stuck at home and can't do anything for some reason, or it's too loud/crowded/busy, I start feeling trapped, confined, and my behavior gets weird.


I might get a headache, start fidgeting, chewing on things (my pillow, or if that's not available my own hand), glaring at people, making strange inhuman snarling/growling noises, breathing faster and louder than normal, destroying things, or attempting to "escape" by running as far as I can get without being scared that I'm too far from my family.


I don't know what this is, but if I say anything odd/mean in my posts don't take it seriously, I'm most likely just freaking out.

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a soft & friendly monster 


I live for Pretty. Odd.


I miss ryan ross



Whoa. Okay. You good? Don't worry, I snarl too.

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-=-Call me Athena-=-


Farewell, and may you have the best possible opportunities and life. Maybe I'll be back someday, but for now I just want to say thank you for everything.




It's okay. I make inhuman noises too. And I have horrible anger issues((Fun fact: I actually cuss at this one guy on Quizup. Okay, not that fun of a fact)). I can kinda relate. I'll also make clawmarks on my wrist when I'm bored.

It's okay. Lots of people care about you. It's rare for me to get mad at my friends, and you're one of those people. I understand that you're being defensive. Maybe that's why I have anger issues...

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I’m Bengal and I am so sorry.

Hurricane, I will remember you forever. I’m sorry for not being the friend you deserved.