After school skiing yesterday (YEAH, 6 hours of skiiiiiiiing!!!! Whoohoo!) I slept in for half an hour, and now I'm studying after eating breakfast. I have a huge Social test (gah I Hate/Love the concept of midterms and finals) this afternoon and a social project due on Friday, I'm kinda panicking, this grdae is 10% of my final mark 


(There's just me who almost gets distraught at two questions wrong, and angry at 1) I push myself too hard/my social status pushes me too hard.


I HAVE to get good grades-It's who I AM. If I'm not the smartest girl in the grade, than who am I? The sarcastic wannabe who follows the other girls?



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-=-Call me Athena-=-


Farewell, and may you have the best possible opportunities and life. Maybe I'll be back someday, but for now I just want to say thank you for everything.