to talk about feelings or not to talk about feelings


bc I know what will happen if I do and I s2g I am not up for that




im so lost here tbh


like who the heck even is xanii


and what the heck keeps happening


Why is everything like thIS


Why can't I get the appeal


and why and how and stop and thanks




guess what 


im sIcK




and i can't remember how it feels




@body: stop getting chills for literally no reason please and thanks




i was trying to talk to my friend and I stuttered and I couldn't help if and holy hsjs i melted bye




for like 4 seconds I thought I was infatuated then it stopped and I accepted that I wasn't and that the gift was very nice, thanks.




funfact: all lowercase typing always looks either sad or sarcastic to me




I had something better then I erased it because I realized what would happen if I accepted what I had written before




i love my rainwing mantis




Here come the proper sentences:


I don't consider anyone here my friend or my family. That's why I don't think I belong in the forum fam. I know that makes me horrible and I'm sure there are people who may consider me those things, but I promise I mean it politely as possible. I simply don't feel close to anyone. Purely my fault, for not replying or feeling distant or whatever issue I have, and not the other persons. I can't help but feel sort of disjointed here and I don't know why.

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Oft described as a dumpster but, like, with legs. Cool legs, though.


 Abandoned Post: May 21, 2017


hi my name is Dizhbb and im your favorite moment from newsies obc


Discord Squad


Mayhaps Steve is everyone's true mom?