All of the following words will only concern things that revolve around me.


Yes, I am quite selfish. These notes are only for me to read, so if you become offended because I did not include things about you.....well, you chose to click this thread.


My Appearance

Same As Forum Self


My Powers

Ability to Control Plants

Ability to Speak Any Language

Ability to Shapeshift to Any Living Creature (Fictional or Not)

Enhanced Senses

Enhanced Speed and Strength


My Dark Side

Not much is known about her. (She hasn't got a name, as far as I know). She is the unfortunate result of my mistake. I attempted to eradicate my sin, but it instead took a form and can now walk amongst the living. Although, to be honest, when it first came out, it wasn't very corporeal. It is growing stronger by the day, and I cannot destroy it, as it feeds off of my sin.


Yes, I tried to obliterate my sin, but I still have it inside of me. I now also have sin that can walk, run, fight, kill, etc. It does not have a soul to stop it the way my soul did, and it has no mercy.


My Dark Side's Powers

Not much is known about this. So far, she has exhibited extraordinary ability. I believe she does not do more due to her laziness.


The Ability to Manipulate Me

Yes, she's taken over me. Lots of times. I have no idea how she gets into my brain.  I believe that she can return back into me whenever she feels like it, although I do not understand why she doesn't do it constantly.


The Ability to Create Copies

She can clone herself. An interesting thing to note is that each of her copies seems to be centered on one specific aspect. So far, I have seen.......



Her style of fighting is wild, unhindered, and very, very unpredictable. She will always take offensive and seems to have a berserker nature. 



Her style of fighting is quite similar to Violence's. The two often fight together. They both have unlimited amounts of energy.



She is more of a strategist compared to Violence and Viciousness. She likes to plan things out, and strikes back against opponents when it is least expected. Her fighting style focuses on torture, cruelty, etc. She holds grudges and remembers faces. 



Same as Vindictiveness. I don't know what makes them different, only that she is more prone to screaming out that she will make you suffer thirteen times over.



I have no idea as to why she has a clone who does nothing but gaze at a mirror and primp while everyone fights/bleed/dies around her. I unfortunately discovered that her hand mirror is rather........evil. Also, her looks can kill. She shattered one of my O.C.'s with her gaze, and incinerated another when she tossed her hair.


Why do they all start with "V"?


How am I supposed to know? Anyway, I haven't met all of the clones. If I did, I would die.


Oh, your flipside seems letterist. She discriminates against every other letter in the alphabet!




I bet she inherited it from you.


Wha-? GO AWAY, JAN. Why are you even here, you're an O.C. who hasn't taken any part in this.




My Dark Side also can send waves of dark/red/ looks like speeding light/smoke?-that can kill everything that it touches. Two O.C.'s of mine died because of this. Also a considerable amount of trees. I can only describe it as something like the obscurus from the F.B.A.W.T.F.T. movie.


As I have previously mentioned, she can control my mind. Due to this, she can coerce me to commit heinous acts that I would never do if I were in my right mind. This ability gives her an advantage, as the rest of the forumers cannot tell that I have been infected by her prescence. I believe that she has also taken up my appearance because it is all the better to deceive the rest of the Lightsiders with. This sudden change in her features, (she was quite hideous when I first extracted her), has led me to believe that perhaps she also has powers similar to mine.


The only differences that distinguish her from me in her physical appearance are her eyes. They sometimes glow red and purple and black before she sends a wave. I believe this is because it is a sort of tactic that is meant to instill fear. The only other differences are that she seems faint and blurry at times, due to her not being entirely corporeal. The sleeves of her cloak also drip blood, and she carries no weapons with her, since she can easily summon something when she wants to.  



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