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-hypersensitivity to rejection/critisism

-feelings of inadequacy

-highly self-conscious or self-critical

-perception of loneliness when they are not

-utilizes fantasy as a form of escapism and to interrupt painful thoughts


-tends to be emotionally involved in anything they do

-rarely jealous but easily hurt

-devoted to others and wants to belong in a group

-a dreamer and a romantic

-highly imaginative and tends to have a happy disposition

-dislikes unnecessary strict discipline


-aries benefits you (my best friend is an aries)

-gemini domesticates you (my other friend that keeps me sane is gemini)


-if you ever want to hear a good song, ask a pisces because they have unique taste in music and art


perhaps the most painfully fitting ones...

-pisces have a bad habit of blaming themselves when something goes wrong and making excuses for the people who keep hurting them

-a pisces will only be heartless if you push them to that point, and that's a side of them you don't want to see

-pisces are known for covering their tears with laughter and falling apart in their room

-sometimes a pisces takes their pain out on themselves instead of on others. an angry pisces can be very destructive



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[giratina battle theme continues]


I'm sorry but I take latin

and I read the title

and to me it said

"sometimes I fight fish so well it's nearly painful"

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Please excuse the typoes.


Darling don't be afraid, I will love you for a thousand years. 

God bless you Lucy.




 This is a very sharp knife I have here







I'm a Gemini too. My role in the Trash Squad is generally keeping everyone sane. XD


Yeah, that does fit you painfully well.

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