here's the first 'chapter'? each character has a separate first person PoV: i combined some together for the Cornucopia since there's a lot of '____ runs away from the Cornucopia.'




Kestrelmist finds a backpack full of camping equipment.

Quailfeather runs away from the Cornucopia.

Mothshadow runs away from the Cornucopia.

Fireflower runs away from the Cornucopia.

Jaggedsight snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag.

Willownose gathers as much food as she can.

Rookwatcher finds a bow, some arrows, and a quiver.

Sageriver, Featherblaze, and Swanfeather work together to get as many supplies as possible.

Chestnutleap runs away from the Cornucopia.

Flintriver runs away from the Cornucopia.

Thistledusk runs away from the Cornucopia.

Leopardspots runs away from the Cornucopia.

Sprucegaze, Sandfox, and Cloverspark get into a fight. Sprucegaze triumphantly kills them both.

Mapleflame runs away from the Cornucopia.

Bouldershade clutches a first aid kit and runs away.

Duskfire grabs a shovel.

Lilyheart stays at the cornucopia for resources.

Shellblaze grabs a shovel.

Brindlepad runs away with a lighter and some rope.

Troutleap snatches a pair of sais.


As the horn sounded, I tensed, pushing myself off the podium and hitting the ground sprinting towards the Cornucopia. The other person from my district could die now, for all I cared. Almost without thinking, I dodged a knife, my arm hooking around the strap of a backpack, and then I was off and running again, dashing through the forest to find a safe place.


The horn sounded. I made some weird squeaky noise in my throat as I whirled, stumbling off the podium to sprint clumsily into the forest area.


I shook my head to clear it as the horn sounded, blasting my eardrums. Wincing at the loud sound, I jumped off my podium, dashing towards the Cornucopia and snatching a bottle of alcohol on a shelf, along with the rag sitting next to it. Seeing that the bloodbath was ensuing, I made a break for the forest.


I didn’t want weapons, I thought as the horn sounded. But I did want food. I leaped off my podium, ducking someone’s flailing arm to snatch up a basket of bread and fruit. Food. I pivoted and sprinted away from everyone else.


As the horn sounded, it seemed like I was already inside the Cornucopia, snatching a black bow and a quiver of arrows. I slung them both over my shoulder and made a break for the woods.


As I jumped off the podium, I locked eyes with the other two people I had met during training before. We had already established that we wanted to work together for a little while. We split up, dashing between sparring people to snatch items and run into the forest together.


I only had one thought in mind: run. So as soon as the horn sounded, I whirled on my podium, leaping for the undergrowth as I dashed mindless through the trees to safety.


I don’t want to die, I thought. I leaped for the Cornucopia, but was intercepted by a large male tribute holding throwing knives. He hissed viciously and before I knew it, one of those blades was embedded in my chest, I was bleeding, my vision flickered… I stumbled and fell to the ground, the grass painted red, everything in shades of crimson… everything was black.


I stared in horror at the two girls I had just killed. Numb, I pulled my knives from their dead, still-twitching bodies and whirled, running into the woods. What have I done?


I watched a male tribute kill two girls, then run into the forest. I wasn’t following him, that was for sure. I ran in the opposite direction from him, away from the Cornucopia.


I knew I’d hurt myself out here; I was the clumsy type. I saw the girl from my district, Kestrelmist, dash away into the woods and leave me behind. Well, I won’t be working with her anytime soon. I circled the Cornucopia, then closed in, grabbing a first aid kit and sprinting away.


I leaped off my podium. There was another male tribute by my side. We each grabbed shovels, making a silent truce not to kill each other right now, and ran our separate ways.


Almost all the tributes were gone now. I ducked behind my podium for shelter, then when the last tribute left, I crept out again, camping out in the Cornucopia with the leftover resources. I dragged the bodies of two female tributes under the roof with me until the helicopter picked them out.


I was the second-to-last tribute there. I snatched a lighter and a coil of rope before jogging away.


I spotted the last weapon, some sais, which I didn’t know how to use properly. Oh, well, better than nothing. I snatched them and dashed away.


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I'm fine. Are you?


Daily Song Quote"i've done all i can think of, chased down all my demons" -pink

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