The Dragonet Prophecy -- ESCAAAAAAAAAAAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Lost Heir -- Tsunami is secretly a princess, just like in every other trope in the universe.


The Hidden Kingdom -- RainWings aren't lazy -- oh wait they actually are


The Dark Secret -- gASP THE NIGHTWINGS HAVE A HOME -- oh, oops, nevermind


The Brightest Night -- Sunny does stuff by herself for once 


Moon Rising -- Nervous mind reader enters overcrowded school full of dragons hiding dark secrets (how could that go wrong)


Winter Turning -- ANGST


Escaping Peril -- Peril tries not to set things on fire


Talons of Power -- Turtle would slay at hide and seek


Darkstalker: Legends -- Fathom has PTSD, Clearsight worries too much, and Darkstalker does all the wrong things for all the right reasons


(From what I've read so far of) Darkness of Dragons -- QIBLI STOP MAKING OTHER DRAGONS TRY TO LIKE YOU THEY LIKE YOU JUST FINE

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