First is me. I don't describe myself often so here I am. Fairskinned blondie with blue eyes and a rose-colored dye down the side. My character's named Crystal. Usually has a greek-style toga, with golden stitching and armor underneath. Always holding a wooden staff with a sky blue ball of energy at the top, that the wood holds in an ornate design. I'm a Light Sider.

Sory is my clone gone wrong. He's inverted colors as Sky. For instance, his hair is purplish, he has green blood, and orange eyes. He has plant magic. Oh, and his hair is short. This guy is a Chaos sider.

Midnight is my Flipside, and a Dark Sider. She has black hair, with a section dyed silver. She's very very pale and has navy blue eyes. She usually wears a black hooded cloak that she flies around in, with who-knows-what underneath. The brooch holding the two sides of the cloak together looks like a silver crecent moon, except if the screcent were at the bottom. 

Dagger is a quick Black Widow-like(from the Avengers) lady, but she usually wears foofy blue dresses and puts her red hair up in a bun. She often walks a poodle and, basically is a British rich lady stereotype. Until battles come along. When needed, she'll quickly change into her dark green jumpsuit. This has many pockets and stuff, holding things like daggers, a tazer, a pistol, and several other weapons, and some cool sunglasses that are basically from James Bond movies. This is my FusionSider. 

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