Hey guys! I'm starting a new Wings of Fire Gods/Goddesses rp! It's open to join and you can be any hybrid of dragons, have any name, powers, etc. Just know that there is only five spots for gods and five for goddesses so FIRST COME FIRST PICK! If you want to join send a bio of your character you're going to use! (P.S, I have school so sorry if I respond late!) After we get characters squared away we can figure out where we're going to do the rp.


Character Bio

name: Eclipse

gender: nonbinary (they/them)

species: icewing/nightwing

powers: telepathy/shapeshifting

type: god


scales:iridescent black

wings: black at the base then fade to silvery 


eyes: sapphire blue w/ silver flecks throughout      

         and silver scales by eyes in swirling 


claws: solid black obsidian 

fire: ice blue 



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is it over?

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~(Maori Hurricane)~

Shhh, I'm supposed to be sleeping.

Ooof, I dunno if you trust me.

Skull is still in awful pain.

Name: Windwing

Gender: Female

Species: Skywing/Nightwing

Powers: Can move air, can fly in space like a spaceship (she can open a small pocket of oxygen around her like a bubble, constantly supplying her with air, can last her 24 hours), Can create tornadoes

Type: Goddess of Air


Scales: Has black and red scales that are patterned like a diamondback rattlesnake.

Wings: Are the size of a Skywing and are black with flecks of red with a starry (black with scattered silver scales) underside.

Eyes: She has orange and black patterned eyes with silver swirly air shapes on the edges of her eyes.

Claws: Colored orange and black, slightly merged together, like half-cooled magma.

Fire: Usually a bright orange, but tinges of black can sometimes be seen.

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Goddess of Shadows, Stealth, and Mercenaries


ML: Khali/Shadow Raven

GVE: Dreamer (so far!!!)

PA: Silhouette



Name:Squirrel.                             Gender:Male.        Species:icewing/sandwing.      Powers:Shapeshifter,animus,illusions,mindreader,and telepathy.                            Type:God of mischief.                            Colors.                                                 Scales:white and yellow.             Wings:yellow bone parts and white membranes with gold stars.          Eyes:Amber with spots of Orange.           Talons:pure white

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      I am

       a jedi

         a hobbit

           an animus

             a Rainwing

                a warrior

                  a survivor

                     a greencloak

                        I am Nat

name: Snowice Chariot (Snow)

gender: female 
species: IceWing/SandWing
powers: venomous tale, animus, frost breath, lacks whip thin tail and her tail is only poisonous enough to stun. Also has powers over all winter-related stuff.

type: goddess


scales: pearly white with pale gold UNDERSCALES pale gold flecks around her nose 
wings: pearly white with a silver-blue wing membrane 
eyes: icy blue hinted indigO 
claws: Shiny white
fire: pale blue touched with white. Can't breath actual fire, but frostbreath



(Snow is 1/4 SandWing, 3/4 IceWing)



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i am...

Alpha Snowdust

the Ice/Sand/Night/HiveWing 




crackles here