The story following is in the past, shortly after Darkstalker's fall. After the nightwings have disappeared. The main characters are a lost  nightwing, and a sandwing (you will find out their names soon enough). Part is the nightwing's,the other part is the sandwing's.


    Moonlight has been flying for hours, looking for his tribe, he already checked the kingdom where are they? he wondered as he flew. He wasn't there when Darkstalker murdered his father, so he had no idea why there weren't nightwings in the kingdom maybe even all of Phyrria! his heart sank, he dropped to the ground, giving up the search. He looked around and took in his surroundings for the first time in a while. He realized he was near mountains. He caught a hog and ate it. Then visualized the map he studied at the library. I Must be near... he looked around and there it was; Jade mountain, he could remember it's double peaks anywhere. "now I know where I am, now to find another tribe. He thought for awhile. Then he looked around to all the horizens, and towards the sand kingdom, a single dragon came, heading straight towards Moonlight. Moonlight readied to attack, but instead of attack first, maybe ask questions later if he survived, the strange sandwing landed softly. The sandwing turned to Moonlight "hello, nightwing" he said, moonlight sighed in relief, the sandwing was friendly.


   Quicksand smiled at the nightwing "what's your name, nightwing?" the nightwing replied "Moonlight, yours?" "Quicksand, why aren't you with your tribe?" Moonlight grimaced, Quicksand knew this upset the nightwing, so he changed the subject "what are you doing here?" Moonlight replied unexpectedly "My tribe has disappeared" Quicksand widened his eyes and steps back "i've heard of it, but never believed it!" an entire tribe disappearing, except this one? He is either last of his kind, or left behind. He thought. "Don't you have future seeing powers and ming reading stuff?" Moonlight answered with pride "yep! well, my tribe does, I only have seeing powers, and they are weak" So he can't read my mind, that's good."wan't to see the desert?" "no, too hot!" Moonlight replied.

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