There's a sort of gypsy-like people living in a town-like thing.


They just live in tents in a clearing in very tall grass, taller than the people.


A child wanders into the grass and gets lost. Before his/her people can find them, he is taken by someone else.


Maybe he grows up in another kingdom?

Maybe the towns-ish-people live in tents because they are being hunted, and the tents make it easier to flee on a moment's notice. The tall grass makes it easier to hide.

Maybe the child has a secret power, the reason they were being hunted.

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Please excuse the typoes.


Darling don't be afraid, I will love you for a thousand years. 

God bless you Lucy.




 This is a very sharp knife I have here





This was just stuff from a very interesting dream

There were twelve of us, I believe. 

I dont remember much of it.

We were trying to stop a darkness invasion thing. 

I remember going into a vault thingy at the mastermind's base to try and stop it but it was too late to do so, I think.

Then there were these shadow thingies running around

They looked kind of like wolves

I don't remember what happened next

There was this cool red dress with big ol feathers and a sword in a sheath. The sword was big and unusually shaped and glowed with blue light (its not a lightsabre). I think I realized that I needed that weapon to stop the shadows

Then I bought a homeless lady a meal that doubled as a game?

Idk but it was a cool dream

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And oh, there is no power on Earth, or below

That could ever break our hearts Or shake our souls

And when you Lay Me Down you'll only bury bones

'Cause oh, my heart and soul are going home