1. Go on Google translate, change the "Translate from" language to Welsh, type something, in a language hit the "pronounce" button, and enjoy. 


2. Go outside and if you have an oak tree anywhere nearby, gather some acorns, set a target, and try to hit it by bouncing the acorns off things around the target. 


3. OOPS you can't touch the floor anymore. Try and find a way to get to another room BUT you can't put anything on the floor that wasn't there before.


4. Find one of those bead necklaces-- y'know, the weird plastic ones. If it's broken, even better, but an unbroken one will work too. Make a story. Start with "Once upon a time, there was a..." and then throw down the necklace. See what its shape when it lands reminds you of, then plug that in and keep going, leaving blanks and filling in what you see when you throw the necklace down. It's really entertaining, actually, though it sounds kinda dumb. 


5. Narrate all your actions. Everything. Out loud if you want to. In the most convoluted and confusing way possible, using long and ridiculous metaphors. It's even better when there are other people around. It should sound something like this:


"John took one step, balancing on his support leg with the expertise and experience of a human who has spent many years traversing the world using the miracles of nature known as their legs." 


 Yes, I do realize these are stupid. That makes them more fun. 


That's all I can think of right now. If anyone's reading this... have fun? And don't take any of these seriously? Like really don't? Okay g'bye. 


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R O A S T Y  T O A S T Y 






hey if you could use they/them for me that would be great thanksssss i mean i'm not on here often anymore but shhshshshsh

I have no life. This is great.

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^ These two have been and will be up here till the day we're gone.


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i win at number three

i'm in an office chair that i can roll around

and i'm technically not putting anything on the floor that wasn't there before >:D

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...I'm with you to the end

*bookmarks to try later because I should really be doing homework*

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