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We start out with the dragonets playing in a puddle.

nightnight thinks he saw SkyClan warriors flying, but they think he's crazy because clear sky isn't liked i guess.

Then lefstar jumps down and night night flight uses his super powers to trap the leafstar with a baseball bat tree.

Fishwing 1 thinks that killing the skywing is okay, but everyone says no.

So tsunami doesn't want to kill it now.

Then a guy named "i'm just here for shipping you know?" comes and attacks the baby dragons.

"Hey i like how you talk in a weird accent." i'm just here for shipping you know? comments on tsunami when she has just used all of the seawing royal family's roasts.

"omi. you must be a part of a family." says riptide.

Then riptide takes them, and a guy who works out named jaws, to the royal family.

"yay look. i love little tiny things." says la queen.

"now you don't like me anymore." says la squiggle plant.


it turns out, la squiggle plant has a magic set!

"i'm only a begginer, okay?" an enemy admitts.

"okay an anenome. i will not be mean."


an then slow turtle but not turtle dies because la queen coral reef is very angry.

"why do you not like eggs?" she yells at the dead person.

"this is my egg now." says tsunami.

"no no no." says la queen.

"MY EGG." says tsunami.



Then riptide says that he is a worse teacher than whirlpool.

"wait, whirlpool killed the egg!" tsunami realizes.

"how?" asks riptide.

"he was dressed up as an egg."


Then tsunami sees the statue moving and thinks its a movie being filmed.

she pretends that the statue is evil and starts smashing it to peices.

"oh no." says the movie director.


Then smol bean hatches and they say it is a seagull.


the end. (and kestrel didn't die)




I'm very sorry if I offended anyone.

This was meant to be a small spoof.


Mods, pls let this through!

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Funny but that didn’t happen

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