.hello it is me,,,, you dont know me?/ like at all imao

but like,,, i feel bad for the good 3 percent here.....

yall needa grown up yall'n



also hey psst: two steps to avoid flame wars


1. close the computer screen


2. do something else. 


also i bet any amount of money angel's not """leaving"" anytime soon. she'll come back in a couple of months. like she always does ig


(also @future calm down?? u were in the discord server u kno what im talkin bout)


ah. bye lads! *boards a plane and waves as it begins to take off*


i won't say i won't miss this and you guys, but.. you know? there's always a bigger fish. a bigger fish to fry. whatever the saying is. goodbye and goodluck

i wish you the best. (also , kit- if you ever get the chance to join the discord server. i'll be waiting if you can get there. my offer always stands to not only you, but you good ones out there. you know who you are 


*the plane takes off* i'll miss you all.. byeeeeeee!

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*finger guns into eternity*




- yooooo