I don't mean from Chat all together. Though, it's possible there I might just not be on a day or two. But, I mean from certain RP's. And, maybe some conversations in general..


This won't concern many, only the ones who know, what I do. Why I come here.


And it will be bit.. alarming. Mostly for me.

by "Break" I won't be absent. I mean my role as plot maker. I've talked about it with some others, it's a common agreement they've made. It doesn't mean I won't RP, I just will dial down my role in plot things. Though, I'll still do my plot for FSG (Fantasy School Generations)

But, aside from that. I'm not entirely sure. I don't really do many RP's if I think about it. Mostly Fantasy School and it's Variants and Legends.. I don't really do WoF RP that much anymore. though I guess for a way for me to just roll with the flow, rather than make it, WoF would be a good way to start to learn.


But, that means Legends will come to a grinding stop.. though, I should've saw this coming really. I've kinda already shown what it's world is. It's lore, It's people, It's purpose. But, to put it very lightly, it's gotten stale.. Ironic really, considering what I set out for it.


I'm not quitting. But, idk if I'll continue certain RP's, try to find some way to jump-start them back to life and if not, I'm not quite sure. Maybe they'll just fade. I'm considering just continuing my story instead. Knowing myself, I'll probably be in Chat Still, just lurking or watching if I'm not RPing.


After this, I'm probably going to add another message for Legends itself, See if I should just let the RP sink into the depths.


Sorry for the inconvenience. Sorry if this is super dramatic and needlessly long.

And I'm sorry if I've been making you guys RP things that hasn't been Enjoyable as I thought it would be.


See you guys around..


Dawny Out

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dawny....its ok..for as much stuff you deal with us about, its ok taking breaks is good *hugs*

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Thank you Bell

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