When I was little, I had a best friend that I'll name Scarlet. We did everything together. I'd often go to her house and play on her wii with her. Our favorite game was Disney Princess Enchanted Adventure. 

Just now I was trying to download Kingdom Hearts (I gave up on it. I don't have 1.5 GB to spare for one game) but the song was just playing and it reminded me of the princess game. We would each have a princess. We were "sisters," and she would play the civil one. And that reminded me of when we were still friends 

All the time we spent together


I just wanna go back and play with her again

Oh great I'm crying now

*buries face in the shoulder of nearest person* 

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Please excuse the typoes.


Darling don't be afraid, I will love you for a thousand years. 

God bless you Lucy.




 This is a very sharp knife I have here