if you've ever been there, in the back you probably remember the birthday party tables and the video screens and the animatronic that moves its arms and seems to talk


it wasn't even anyone's birthday, my cousin graduated from kindergarten today and this was their celebration


i was using the restroom and when i left there was a group of employees standing and i had to run through them

it was a surreal experience


my dad and grandmother kept asking me to use my play card thingy for them when they wanted to play a game and i just tapped the card on the card thing and ran off to do my own thing


that card lasted for 2 hours and i spent 30 minutes of it eating and dying inside before i went to play some more games


one of the videos they were playing was about capsaicin and spicy foods and i was eating a spicy chicken wing

that scared me a lot


every time the guy in an anthropomorphic mouse suit (i'm knowledgeable enough to know that now) walks by i run and hide behind the nearest game to avoid being caught


i had to do my homework for the first 10 minutes i was there and most of it was indirectly self-inflicted because it was from my classmates

which doesn't make any sense without context but whatever


and i have a field trip tomorrow involving boats, ferris wheels, and expensive things

i'm not kidding the least anything costs there is 10 dollars

that's why i brought a calculator because phones aren't allowed


thanks for reading my useless flood of information


how was your day?

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i look at myself and say

that i will be happy


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today was okay, i guess, but i am so not looking forward to my science test tomorrow. It's going to be the hardest of all

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c n  r i d e r

i mean i just wrote a true descriptions of greek gods thread and I am extremely entertained.

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ʝօɨռɛɖ ǟքʀɨʟ ֆɛʋɛռȶɦ ȶաօ ȶɦօʊֆǟռɖ ɛɨɢɦȶɛɛռ

ֆքǟʀӄʟɛֆ ɦʊʀȶ ʍʏ ֆǟʀƈǟֆȶɨƈ ɛʏɛֆ ~ʍɛ

ɨ ʟɨӄɛ ȶɦɨֆ ʄօռȶ ȶօօ ʍʊƈɦ

A friend of mine told me that Chuck E reminds him of FNAF, and I agree.

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