So, i'm kinda new here. I've only read up to book 8, and I'm one of those people who have a very hard time interacting with other people, so this is like my 20th runthrough of trying to say hello. I've just been interested on what goes on around here, so uhm, it would be nice if someone could tell me how things go around here. Thanks!

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Hello, and welcome to the forums!


Don't worry about interacting, after you get used to it you'll be more extroverted than in real life XD


Trust me, I'm actually really introverted.



Be careful, most of us aren't very careful with spoilers, especially now that book 11 is nearly out.



Anywho, here's a lot of the terms and abbreviations we use here!



-Thread A thread is a post that other people can respond to, like this one that you've made.


-Signature We call them sigs or a siggy for short. They're the things below our posts. We usually put our nicknames at the top, and a bit about ourselves, too. There's a 250 character limit, though, including spaces.


-Color fade A lot of people like to use color fade in their signatures. To do it, look up ' text color fader ' and then copy and paste it here. If that doesn't work, then copy and paste the HTML code (it might be harder to copy and paste if you're on mobile, though).


-Die When a thread dies, it means that nobody has responded to it in a long time.


-OCs A lot of people also have ' OCs ' which stands for ' Original Character ' or '  Own Character '. They're basically characters you make so you can roleplay with them, and you usually put a description of them like this:









-Bump, poke, boop and up These are just some things that we post to try to keep a thread from dying.


-WoF This stands for Wings of Fire.


-WoFMB This stands for Wings of Fire Message Board, another way to say 'forums'.


-SA Spirit Animals. It's another book series.


-SAMB Spirit Animals Message Board. A lot of forumers come from here, and we go back and forth a lot.


-Stars The star on the bottom right corner of a post. If someone stars a post, it means they like it. The total number of stars you have is written on the top right corner of the screen (if you're on mobile, press the three lines on the top left of the screen, it will be displayed there, instead). You can't unstar posts, though. Asking for people to star or not star something is called star farming, and it's against the rules.


-ForumFics A ForumFic is a story someone writes, with the forumers as the characters. There's a lot of them right now.


-Homethreads A homethread is a place where you can just dump random ideas and thoughts, or contact someone.



I hope you enjoy your time here in the forums, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


                                                                                                                                 - Fairydragon

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We will never be forgotten

for we've all played our parts

and if the memories are erased

they'll still be in our hearts

Fairy you have taken my words. 


What she said


Im Fennec

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The Fox 




Treasure Chest Filled With Your Diamonds



Did it ever get so BAD that you just had to laugh while the whole world crashes down?



Or I Could Come Alone, Just Me, You On Our Own





The fear of falling apart 

Hey im Zoroark, the queen of pokemon black and white, if you need info, just ask me, im a huge wings of fire and pokemon fan

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-Forum N-


"Everyone is an animal, because if were to slap you it would be animal abuse"


" Im only a crack in this castle of glass"


"lost in my ideals will i find the truth"


luv darkstalker 4 life