Grace-checks her watch to see when cyber zekrom and reshiram will be compleated


Autumn-this is a waste of time, i wanna be champion NOW

Ellie-gets out notebook-ok im ready for questions


M-ok, before you ask me stuff i would ask you stuff, what does humanity do to pokemon that team plasma and i should know about? How do the pokemon feel about you?


Mason-i guess i could spare a moment, but i dont have much time, the world may be at stake


Zoroark-ok, i get, its just questions, also your world is safe from harm, as long as you are in this parallel universe

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"Everyone is an animal, because if were to slap you it would be animal abuse"


" Im only a crack in this castle of glass"


"lost in my ideals will i find the truth"


luv darkstalker 4 life