Chapter One


I work at an office building.

It's sort of boring.

But what can you do, y'know?

Definitely not leave, that's what I'll do.

That is the worst thing I could do, actually, if I want a decent living.

I'm thinking about this when I hear my boss call my name.


I look up and she's standing right there.

Just, like, there, less than a foot from my desk.

"Yes?" I responded.

"I need you to meet Stephanie. She's.. Uh... New here and I need you to show her the basics." My boss explains.

I must have given her an odd look, because she sent an odd one straight back.

Then she leaves.

I look at Stephanie. Like, a good look.

She has blonde hair. 

Brown eyes.

An unnecessarily formal red-pink dress. 

After a while, she speaks.

"I don't need to be shown anything," Stephanie hissed at me, "I've been here before. I don't need help from you, of all people anyway."

And then she left.

I sat there, confused for a few moments before hesitantly returning to whatever work I had been doing, but I found it harder to focus.







For my lunch break, I usually eat outside.

But it was raining today.

So, I went down to the building's tiny "cafe".

They called it that, but it was really just a room with tables set up and a mixed assortment of drink machines, and some mini bread loafs.

I had no idea how this ended up being called the cafe, but I decided to save speculation for later.

I sat down at a table next to the window and started to eat the sandwich I had.

Then Stephanie was there.

She took the seat opposite me and stared at me.

"Hi?" I offered.

"George." She simply replied.

Confused, I dropped my gaze down to my lunch, but she wouldn't go that easy.

"George, how long have you worked here?"

I shifted slightly, uncomfortable.

"Five years now."


Then she was gone.

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My world's on fire

how 'bout yours?


July 10, 2016 - March 29, 2019


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            Who?   (I think I'm going insane)

Who am i? 




RPs I'm in: Quetzal Mountain Academy, Academy for powered dragons, Pyrrhia's Battle, Dogs of the Sky


Books I'm writing: None right now!

oh someone found this interesting that was unexpected because this is supposed to be like a half- troll-ish story



Chapter Two


As I was walking back from lunch, I was constantly wondering about Stephanie. 

Like, how does she have more experience then me?

Why does she care how long I've been working?

Why did my boss hesitate when calling her new?

I sighed, but then realized another person gave me a weird look for seemingly random sighing, so I decided to not sigh again.

I suddenly felt a tap on the shoulder.

I turned around.


Surprise, surprise, who would've guessed?

"What do you want now?" I said to, trying (and pretty much failing) to sound mostly intimidating.

"Oh, I just want to talk. Goodness, George, don't be rude!" She said innocently.

This was strange.

She was a rude, arrogant jerk just less than an hour ago.

Now she made me look like the rude, arrogant jerk.

How rude of her.

I sighed, forgetting I shouldn't be sighing, and glared at her.

" Stop following me." I demanded.

Stephanie smiled, looking ready to release a witty yet innocent response when suddenly she stiffened.

Somewhat nervously, she looked around, and promptly turned around and left.

I stood there, confused, for a few moments.

What the actual heck, Stephanie?

Then I heard footsteps.

Coming towards me.

I turned back and looked down the hall, where the sound came from.

Suddenly, someone appeared from around the corner and ran into me.

I didn't fall, but stumbled back a few steps. The person wasn't very heavy, apparently.

I looked down at them.

They, wait, no, he actually had fallen, and I realized he was young, no more than 14 years old.

What was he doing here, in an office building?

He suddenly noticed me in a weird way, as if this was the first time he realized I was there.

"George!" He said suddenly.

"How do you-" I started.

" George, don't trust Stephanie! No matter what! A-and never follow her! Ever!" He interrupted me in a rushed panic, and then he ran off, back from where he came from.




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My world's on fire

how 'bout yours?


July 10, 2016 - March 29, 2019

Chapter Three


I went home early that day.

I don't care too much about my job at the moment anymore, but I'm not completely sure why.

But I can tell it's probably Stephanie.

When I got home, I sat in my back porch and watched and listened to the rain, which had weakened to a drizzle.

But I barely even thought about that.

I thought about that kid.

How did he know so much?

Was it because he was in the league with Stephanie? 

Then why did he warn me?

What did they know that I didn't?

I sighed.

Maybe this was some dream.

I pinched myself hard.

I felt that.

Not a dream, unfortunately. 

So what else might be happening?


Am I insane?

Before I had time to think about this more, I heard a thud and an "Ouch! Oh, gosh-"

I immediately stood up and quickly went inside.

Down the hall past the dining room was that same kid from earlier. He was soaking wet and had a few small scratches on his hands and legs.

He noticed me with a gasp and scrambled up.

I reached for the home phone on the wall.

"WAIT!" He cried, "I-it's not- ugh- just listen!"

I went for the phone faster, and he made a strange noise when I grabbed it. I had only dialed 9-1 when I was promptly tackled.

The phone fell to the floor, and I would have, too, if it weren't for the wall there.

I looked down at the kid.

"Ok. You-" I sighed. Where did I even start. "Who are you, and what are you doing in my house? And what is stopping me from calling the police?"

He paused, thinking probably. I put on an inpatient look.

"Im- um, I'm Taylor. And I came here, to, do I put this. Leave clues? And you shouldn't call the police because you wouldn't have enough time a-"

"Are you threatening me?" I interrupted.

"Nooooooooooooooooo?" The kid didn't even sound as if he believed himself.

And if I didn't have enough unexpected abrupt things happen today already, the doorbell rang.

"Don't answer," Taylor warned, "It's Stephanie."

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»Snazziest Nerd on the Block«  


My world's on fire

how 'bout yours?


July 10, 2016 - March 29, 2019