I have it... got it, read it, now thinking about hugging the wonderful work of this author...

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Hi! You can call me MakoFox, DolphinWing, or DogDolphin!



Conqueror (Stetriol deserves a chance, ppl!)







I like my new siggy do you?


I bought TLC the DAY that it came out. My mom actually went to the local Barnes & Noble to see if they had it (VERY DISCREETLY so that I wouldn't know until later) and didn't see it, so she was kind of panicking because she really wanted to get it for me and knew I would be crushed, but then she asked the cashier, who said that they did have it, but it was still in storage and hadn't been put up yet. So yeah.

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TANIS | For Dragons






daughter of athena






Ha, I'm a die hard fan too. And I like warriors! It's so cool. Wings of fire and Warriors are pretty much the only book I read lol!

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I have a book I'm writing and need some good forest-y names for dragons who live in a forest-y area.I need fourteen girl names (Like Wildeflower,  for example) and twelve guy names (Bramble, Thistle,.)Thanks all!:DPS. also a few scary girl names!

i was at launch party!!!!

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who is your favorite dragon tribe...



i like silkwings

HIIIIIIIIIII! Are you REALLY THE Tui. T  Sutherland? If so I have A LOT of questions and requests!!!!! For starters, please don't make the next book to creepy, I found the  HiveWings VERY scary when they went all zombie like, but GREAT story by the way, I've also read another book you wrote with your sister I think, It was called The Menagerie! I had to return the book to the Library before I could finish though.... Oh and can you do a post especially for me? I am your biggest fan and it would mean the world to me...OMG I AM SPEAKING TO THE REAL LIFE AUTHOR OF MY MOST Favorite BOOK! Did you know I wrote my own version of what I thought the lost continent would be like, and I made up a whole bunch of possible ideas for new tribes! Wanna see em? Can I be-friend you? I am like your BIGGEST fan!!!!!! Where do you live? In California? I live there, but i was originally born in Australia and I am an Aussie through and through! I LOOOOOVVVVEEE your puppy! I just wanna hug him! I love you soooo MUCH Tui.T Sutherland! Please respond to my POST!!!!!!!!! BIG FAN!!!!!!!!  (Ps: I am a story writer too! do you wanna sample of my book I'm writing inspired my YOU?)

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STar WArs FaN  L♥o♥v♥e♥s♥ S♥i♥s♥t♥e♥r♥      





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Why stop at the possible? Why not test the impossible?

I am sooo excited!!! I only have 1-8 of the books. They are really good!! I read them over and over again!! But my favorite is book 6:Moon Rising!!! 


 Oh Talons and tails!! I'm exsited!!!

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My name is Starstorm!!! Join my clan and become a warrior!!!


My clan is....a little wild. NO name rules so it doesn't have to do with night or darkness. But I don't have any cats yet,so join in!!!

Hi Tui!! I love your books. i read at least 2 a day. I'm exisited for book 12!!!

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Born under a icemoon,she will come. Talons made of ice and wings of moon,she will come. Teeth like daggers,and claws like knives,ahe will end the fight. Oh she is coming!! Coming soon.

Oh my gosh! This is so EXCITING!!!! Being such a fan of Wings of Fire ( even though I haven't finished all of the other books yet! ), I just can't wait for the new book! I think that Hivewings are actually really interesting and VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! ( besides Rainwings, they're totally AWESOME! ) Ha ha! Thank you so much Tui Sutherland! We all love you and your books!!!!

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I think that your writing is way too big ( no offense ) and it sort of scared me when I saw it! Anyways, yay?


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Hello, Tui.T Sutherland! My name is Alara. I am a girl, and I am your BIGGEST FAN!!! I can't wait to start reading the eleventh book of the Wings Of Fire series! But, I have an idea for maybe book thirteen/twelve. Could you possibly include:


-Dragon species that are skeletal (so, like, they are all skeletons! All bones!).

-Dragon species that are serpents (so no wings or legs and they can live near the Summer Palace).

-Dragon species that have the power to grow and shrink.

-Dragon species that have laser eyes instead of fire.

-Dragon species that can morph into any one of the tribes (so they can morph into Mudwings, Sandwings, Rainwings, Icewings, etc).

-A new continent that is all savannah (I got that idea from Erin Hunter's books Bravelands)!

-Dragon species that are bees (so they are the same size as Mudwings, etc, but they have a stinger tail (like a Sandwings), and only eat pollen.

-Dragon species that are spiders (so they have eight legs, can weave webs for their homes, only eat insects).


I have, like a GAZILLION ideas, but I have given you some of them! If you don't like them or wish to use them, no problem. I don't mind. You do what you want. I have always wanted to talk to my idol, and the fact that I am now is INSANE!!! 


I really hope that you include a book thirteen, with one of my ideas in it. If you do, I will be the HAPPIEST READER IN THE WORLD!!! Because of your fantastic author skills, your Wings Of Fire books have inspired me to write one of my own. It is called, Hunt or be Hunted...

Like it? 


I might send you a short summary of the book, otherwise, please seat yourself into a chair, and start to write book thirteen, with one of my ideas in it!


Your BIGGEST fan!!!

Alara. Graywolf6849

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I am a warrior, a fighter

I am a reader, a writer

This world may be topsy-turvy

But one shall know...


That I am Worthy


when is book twelve coming out

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Hi! I'm Evie. I really love your books!

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P.S. I am a HUGE FAN!

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HI,tui i love wings of fire.please accept my friend invitation.?!!!

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      girlwarrior. defender of animals.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

MR.BO,why didn't u smile? (I wish i could show you guys a photo of my dog,Scout (Scoutpants). 

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My voltron oc's:

White lion

Orange lion

Purple lion

Crimson Lion

Lime lion

Yes yes yes crickets POV awesome!!!

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AAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGG! I have to wait a million years for book 12!!


Dear Moonbli shippers,






Me and my brother love your books Tui. i'm also starting to read the spirit animals seres and its really good.

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No is my favorite word and I have no idea why.

Alvin is crazy.

Batman is awesome. So are you. But I'm not.





Thx Tui! Can’t wait to read it. I’m only on book five, so it might take a while, though. And Mr. Bo is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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river clan

Forum twin with River!





MESA HAVEA ITSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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 HomeThread: 345755, DIAMONDGEM ACADEMY!!!!!!!!!

WELL, when life goves you lemons!




"Because a friend never has to give a reason" -Phoebe

hi! its me again its dragon! (danielle) i wanted to tell you about a tribe i made called silverwings! they are in the shape of a skywing but have tinfoil silver skales and neon green or sky blue eyes and horns! please add them in the books! and i am making a book myself and it has some of your dragon names in it if you dont mind! with your permision can i publish it when its done? i will send you a copy when it is done so you can take a look. 





     your BIGGEST EVER FAN dragon.

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hi call me dragon, i have a question for you, which dragonet do you like best? i like glory and starflight and well ALL OF THEM!

i am writeing a dragon book and i need some help with my prophecy and i need to work out a new kind of dragon so would you help me?

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Wish I could read.. my parents have banned me from the series until I get better grades 

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She/Her They/Them






Your dog would be a furry leafwin.But as long as he’s happy.

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I was making a Wings Of Fire book. Here's what it is so far:


Chapter 1


The wind was hard as Sunshine pushed his wings against the night sky. His bag toppled down to his underside and the MudWing egg almost slipped out. Luckily, he caught it before it could fall and break into a million pieces.

He landed on MudWing island, where the Mud Kingdom was. Sunshine carefully, but gracefully, slipped past the guards and soldiers underwater. Nobody noticed him until he tried sneaking inside the Throne Room. The queen, Queen Steffy, was not happy.

“But Your Majesty, I’ve found the egg. In the IceWing-” Sunshine started, but a flick of Queen Steffy’s tail shut him right up. “You already displeased me, Sunshine. Saving an egg does not help. But saving my best fighter, Clayton, will please me just fine. Find him!” Sunshine put down the egg, and flew back to the main island.

Sunshine had pale gold scale on top. And on his wings and the underside of his torso and wings were white. His spikes were dark red. Sunshine’s claws her light gray, and it all looked like sand.

He flew all the way home. Seal, his wife, was playing with Isha, his little IceWing dragon baby. “Tough times with Queen Steffy, Sunshine?” Seal asked. Sunshine nodded glumly. The main island was split into two kingdoms. The IceWing, and the SandWing.

Of course, Queen Dayloft was in the middle of each kingdom, talking with Queen Icewing. Dayloft was the queen of Sandwings, and she tried to kill Sunshine after he was born. Why? He was born with too much fire and burned people who he touched and people who touched him.

Sunshine had two choices of where to look: In the NightWing castle or in the SkyWing Mountain. He was well trusted at the NightWing and at the SkyWing kingdom.

He could fly through the air fine, but walking was a little bit more difficult. He was injured during a battle against a SkyWing guard. But he had no choice but to kill him. He knew that if he wanted to go to the prison, he would have to fight another dragon. At least for the NightWing.

“Hey, Sunshine. Just in time. I was just about to call the Anual King Day!” Sunshine nodded, then he asked, “I need to see the prisoner Clayton. Queen Steffy needs him.” King Drago stared, and so did the queen.

“The… prisoner Clayton?” the queen repeated, then shook her head. “You must prove to us, that she can escape. You know the old dragon ways in this Island, Sunshine.” Sunshine nodded. He looked around for the arena, found it, and flew outside. The warm sand sent a chill of joy up his spine.

The seats were filled of dragons, most of them NightWings. They cheered and booed. The queen and King Drago went on their balcony. Sunshine didn’t look glad, in fact: he was scared.

“Sunshine, the SandWing champion! He is fighting for our trust, to get little Clayton, the MudWing champion, out of our prison!” The queen announced. Cheers flew out of the stadium. “Who is he fighting against? Dayanara, the IceWing. She is very close to becoming the IceWing champion! Are you ready? FIGHT!”

A huge IceWing, about twice the size of Sunshine, growled at him. Sunshine knew what would happen, and he was glad that he wouldn’t die, no matter what. Dayanara jumped at him, snarling. Ducking, Sunshine clawed her underside. Dayanara screeched and tried to bite Sunshine’s tail. Finally, she got a hold of Sunshine, but screamed loudly. Dropping Sunshine, she looked at her talons. Burn marks were left in the palms, and most of the scales were melted.

Sunshine ripped her wings and the whole thing turned to ashes. Then Sunshine stabbed his poison tail in her heart, and left her to die.

Nobody moved, until one dragon yelled, “Woo! He did it!”

Sunshine looked up, and gasped. Seal was waving in the crowd, and more dragons rose up. Soon, Seal blended in with the crowd. Sunshine ignored the queen and King Drago as he walked to the prisoner. “Oh, thank you! Queen Steffy demanded you, correct?” Clayton asked. He replied with a nod.

But then a guard yelled, “Hey! He’s stealing an egg!” Everybody went to look, including Sunshine. A dozen of IceWings were stealing eggs. One roared to the others, and they all attacked. Half of them, all with eggs, flew away. Maybe less than half stayed, attacking until they got their eggs to fly away with.

Other NightWing guards started flying to catch them. Most of them fell into the water, dead. The living ones flew back to the queen and King Drago, and took them to safety. Sunshine saw Seal start her way to home, and he followed.

During that night, a big thunderstorm formed. And in the next day, it stormed. Sunshine didn’t have time to claim his victory to Queen Steffy, but he knew that Clayton would.

Sunshine sat near the entrance, waiting for the storm to cool off. Seal played with Isha all day. Near the of the day she asked, “Don’t you think it’s time for Isha to learn to fly? Sunshine didn’t answer, and he continued to watch the world. Seal stopped playing, walked up to Sunshine, and repeated her question. “I said, don’t you think it’s time for Isha to learn how to fly!?” She said it louder. Sunshine looked at her, then nodded quietly.

The next day, the storm was gone and dragons were already going to places. Sunshine started flapping his wings and backing up. Seal whispered to Isha, “Do what your father is doing. I’ll be under to catch you.” Isha nodded, and Seal went onto the ground floor.

Isha followed what Sunshine was doing quietly, so he didn’t notice his little IceWing. He took off. And so did Isha. He went to the food supply, and Isha went to school.

“Where’s Isha, Seal?” Sunshine asked when he got home. He dropped the huge piece of meat in the middle of the house. “She followed the way that you flew. And she did it! I think she’s at school now…” Seal replied.

After Isha came home, there was a huge explosion on the IceWing side. Sunshine and Seal ran outside. The NightWings were fighting other IceWings, and two of them took Queen Icewing.

Isha was screaming. A NightWing tried to grab her, but Sunshine flew in and pulled out his wings. The NightWing growled, but started flying away. To deliver the final blow, Sunshine sent a huge fireball at the two NightWings carrying the queen.

Seal quickly swam into the ocean to catch Queen Icewing before she got wet. Isha was shaking in fear. Sunshine scooped her up, but her on his back, and flew back home.

The next day, more NightWings than the other day came. They growled at Sunshine and Seal, but they didn’t come up. Sunshine watched them all the time, and they never left.

“Sunshine, come inside. It’s almost winter, and it’s already cold outside. Don’t freeze to death!” Sunshine knew she was kidding. Finally, a NightWing leapt up, snarling. Sunshine ducked, and clawed his wings.

The NightWing fell on the ground, frozen with fear. The rips were scorching. To finish him, Sunshine stabbed his poison tail right through the NightWing’s skull.

Two other NightWings jumped at Sunshine, and two flew down at him. Sunshine growled. He was outnumbered. He jabbed one with his tail, but only through the leg. Then he bit the same NightWing’s neck, killing it. Another one snuck behind him, and tried biting his tail. Forgetting that he was a SandWing, the NightWing soon died.

A third one attacked him, and held him down. Sunshine couldn’t move his talons, or his tail. The last one clawed Seal in her face, growled, and picked up Isha. “Isha! No!!!” Sunshine and Seal cried. The third NightWing threw Sunshine at Seal, leaving them stunned.

Isha, having no idea what was going on, put her front talons on the NightWing’s underbelly. Feeling a cold feeling, the NightWing looked down and screeched. Isha made her way on top of him, and left ice everywhere. It soon went on his wings, and made it’s way to the NightWing’s head. The NightWing let out one last scream, and fell down


When it landed on the ground, it smashed into a million pieces. The NightWing was turned into a falling iceberg. Isha ran home, and right next to the pile that Sunshine and Seal laid in.

The next day, Seal and Sunshine found out what happened, and Sunshine put tiny gloves onto Isha’s front talons to deflect the ice powers.

Soon, everything was normal. But NightWings and SkyWings still attacked them, but mostly when Isha was gone or asleep. “They’re scared.” Seal often remarked. “You’re my special little IceWing. You powerful, little IceWing. I love you so much!” Sunshine cooed to Isha every night before she went to sleep.

They thought that maybe Isha would get bored of their remarks and compliments, so they stopped after a month. Isha was still her joyful self, but often got bored of no more ‘special IceWing’ coo. One day, she finally talked. “Ma, Pa. Spesh All. Ice Win.” She cooed herself.

Sunshine knew what she wanted, but Seal didn’t. All Seal cared about was that she talked. “Special little IceWing deserves a big treat tonight.” Sunshine cooed happily. Then he went off flying, looking for a special treat for his special IceWing.

On his flight, something horrible happened. A bunch of IceWings caught him in this special kind of rope. They briefly pulled him down, enough so Sunshine and the leader to see each other.

“Sunshine?” The leader asked, and took off her flying goggles. Those gloves… those scales… Sunshine thrust himself up. “Cloud…” he replied, eyes glittering.

Sunshine spread out his wings. “Omigosh! It’s really you! After all these years!!!” 4th grade until now, the war continued. “Can you believe that the war is still going on? More violent now, I mean…” Cloud stammered.

Sunshine sent out a low growl at the other IceWings, who were holding out spears. Cloud gave them a death stare, and they quickly stopped.

“I can’t believe you’re alive…” Sunshine huffed, trying to make a good compliment. Cloud briefly rolled her eyes. Sunshine flapped his wings, but then felt a tug on his tail. He swerved around, growling at the enemy.

The enemy was a huge NightWing, and Cloud was growling harder than ever. She didn’t want such a huge enemy killing her brother. She growled harder, and the NightWing lost interest to Sunshine, and moved him aside.

“Cloud? What in three moons are you doing?” Sunshine gasped, hitting a rock so hard, that he coughed out blood. His vision was blurry, and he could barely see what happened. But he knew that Cloud won, because the huge NightWing turned light blue, and smashed.

He huffed briefly, and got up. He stood still until his vision was clear. Cloud ran over to him, and the guards flew to their kingdom. “Omigosh! Are you okay? I’m sorry for letting him do that! Are you hurt? Can you see? How many talons claws am I holding up?” Cloud asked, super energized.

Sunshine nodded, and held up the same amount of claws Cloud was. Then he started flapping his wings, and flew. Cloud fell down, but soon flew among him. At some point, she was just gliding.

“Sunshine, where were you all this time?” Cloud asked as Sunshine got the biggest piece of pork roast he could find in the food supply. He glared at her, “With my family, Cloud.” Then he flew home.

“Family? You? With whom?” Cloud demanded, trying not to laugh. Sunshine landed and spread out his wings with anger. Cloud stopped, “Oh… I didn’t know that’s how you felt…” and flew away, back to the IceWing kingdom.

Sunshine felt sad that she left, knowing that she might be the last family left. He walked into his den, put the roast in the middle of the cave, and slept. Seal and Isha were already sleeping.


Seal silently walked out of their cave, leaving Sunshine sleeping with Isha, and flew away. All she could hear were her wingbeats. She flew in and out of tunnels, trying not to flash her patterns.

She plunged underwater, and swam as fast as she could. She wanted to meet River, a very talented fighter and leader. River lived in a small cave underwater.

Luckily, since it was night, no fighting was going on. Seal dived deeper down, hoping to get a good current. She did, and was hauled all the way into Deep Reef Cove. “Hey, look. It’s Seal.” SeaWings flashed in aquatic, but most of them growled. Seal was nervous.

Seal swam out of the current, but didn’t feel the ocean floor. A squid swam by, and looked at her with it’s giant eye. She growled deeply, over her stomach. Then she dove down deeper.

Not seeing where she was going, she gracelessly crashed into a rock wall, then floated down into a hard current. The current was going deeper, all the way until it was almost above the surface, and then down to where Seal already was, and so on.

Seal slipped out of the current rush, and hit the rock wall again. She woke up, and a current heaved her into a cave. Another SeaWing grabbed her out of it, and she smiled.

“Hello there, River. Charming currents, aren’t they?” Seal flashed, quieter than the Silent Hill MudWings. River growled deeply, but nodded slightly. Seal swam up until she could walk on the sand. River ushered her silently to a different room.

A huge rock was carefully carved into a shape of a bed. A huge leaf was used as a cover. For a pillow, a rainbow colored coral laid at the foot of the bed. “That’s your bed, correct?” Seal flashed questionly.

River slipped over to her, cocked his ear at some hole in the wall, and growled deep in his throat. River’s scales shined brightly as he swam through the hole, claws out. Seal swam after him. She saw a couple of great white sharks.

They were banging their noses against the rock. “Ugh, they smell the blood from Squid.” River flashed, then sighed. Then he began biting a great white shark who was farthest away.

Seal promptly swam into a current that led her back to the main island. “I’ll be back for the deal tomorrow! I’m sorry!” she flashed brighter than ever before she saw River’s light green eyes glare at her, then look away.

The next morning, all of Seal’s energy was drained from the other night. She stayed in bed all day, and Sunshine had to watch Isha until she went to school. “Here’s a special piece of meat! To my special little IceWing!” he cooed, and gave Isha her breakfast.

“Charming, isn’t she?” Sunshine heard a pure, nice, woman’s voice. He looked at the entrance. There he saw, was a SkyWing. Her scales her a dark blue, unlike any SkyWing. Her voice was pure, but not quite. The SkyWing glared at him with yellow eyes, “A little SandWing. Not that I know of.”

Sunshine growled, “What do you want, SkyWing?” He put Isha down carefully, then faced the SkyWing. His face showed anger, but he felt fear. The SkyWing flapped her big wings, knocking Sunshine into Seal. Then she took Isha. “Good luck, idiot.” she said, then flapped away.

Sunshine growled, flapped his wings, and flew after the SkyWing and Isha. He set his talons on the wings, and the SkyWing screeched. She dropped Isha, and fell into the water with a great big splash. Sunshine pulled his gloves back on and saved Isha.

At night, when other dragons were asleep, Seal went back to the cave. River was feasting happily on one of the biggest great white sharks from the other night. Seal landed from the other side of the shark steadily.

River glared at her again, but huffed. “Oh, is it time for the deal?” He flashed brightly. Seal nodded, then flashed, “Of course. You said after 10 years. It has been 10 years.” He growled, then stopped. “Follow me.” he flashed, then swam.

They went to a coral reef, so they could talk on the surface instead of flashing. “I cannot believe it’s already 10 years. What are you doing with your life?” River asked. His voice was more calmer, and a little more nicer.

“I’m dating. I have a husband and a daughter. Thank you very much.” Seal stated angrily. Then she calmed down. “So, I forgot my part of the deal. Do you remember?” she demanded. River looked down sadly. Then he swam around Seal. “Stop that!” she shrieked. River smiled, but didn’t stop.

Bitterly, Seal made a huge splash that shoved River into a large iceberg. “Hey, wait. There are no icebergs near the Sea Kingdom. What’s going on?” River demanded to himself. Seal scowled, but followed River deeper into the water. Back into the rock cave… Seal thought bitterly.

Seal splashed deeper. A huge SeaWing, double the size of Seal, guarded a tunnel that led under the rock wall. “She’s with me.” River flashed quickly, then swam into the tunnel. Seal followed, took a quick glance at the guard, and looked away.

A small SeaWing, the smallest in the room, was about half the size of River. “That’s Blue. You’ll get used to her.” A different SeaWing flashed his patterns. Blue had light blue patterns along her. Her scales were a sea blue, and strange markings, normal ones, were seaweed green. Blue saw Seal, and screamed.

When she jumped back, she nearly blended in with the sea around her. “Is this your little army?” Seal flashed, rolling her eyes. River nodded, and turned on a sea lantern. Seal, thinking that the room was small and there were about 10 people, gasped. The room was huge, as big as a dining room, and there were about 50 SeaWings or more.

Seal beckoned River to follow her out of the tunnel, and up to the iceberg again. Sunbeams spilled in from the surface, and gave nearby broken glass and corals a nice glow.

Seal knew she had to be quick, or else Sunshine will wake up all alone, and maybe go back to sleep until noon. Seal half laughed, half growled. “What do you want? We can wait until tomorrow! Or you meet me here 2:00 pm today and we can talk about the iceberg first!” River stammered. Seal nodded, somehow not feeling tired. Then she jumped out of the water and started flying in mid-air to the main island.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sunshine was visiting the SandWings all day, and Isha had school, then would go to the park. Seal had the whole day to herself. She waited until 2:00 by hunting or splashing around in the ocean. When the 2:00 bell struck, Seal swam as fast as she could to the rock wall.

A small SeaWing swam by, or Seal thought it was a SeaWing. Looking back, the dragon squinted it’s purple eyes at her. “Someday…” it gurgled, then swam deeper. Woah! How did it talk underwater? Even SeaWings can’t do that! Seal thought in surprise, I have to share this with River!

“What??” River flashed brightly. Seal gurgled some bubbles. “That is too fake! You gotta be lying! No dragon, SeaWing or anything else, can talk underwater.” Blue flashed, a little too dim. Two other SeaWings in the room nodded. The guard came in, “And you said that it came in clear?” he flashed. Seal blushed, wondering how the guard saw her flashes.

Seal nodded, “Yes. Okay, River. Let’s investigate that iceberg. Maybe the IceWings are doing it.” she flashed, full with pride. Then they swam through the tunnel and to the surface. Something moved on top of the iceberg. “Omigosh! That was… scary!” Seal stated, and River looked at her, perplexed.

Seal sighed, and flew up to the iceberg. There were no IceWing, but there was something else. A huge black dragon, black scales and purple eyes. It can’t be Gaster. He’s much smaller than him. Plus, if he was, he would have purple swirls. Seal thought.

“You have the heart of a chief, and the soul of a dragon.” The NightWing whispered. Only Seal heard it, but River climbed up and screamed. “My name is Valka. I’m a normal NightWing.” the dragon said.

“If you’re a NightWing, what am I thinking right now?” Seal demanded, sure he was lying. Valka yawned. Then he replied, “You are thinking that I remind you of a Void Dragon named Gaster. The last of it’s kind.” Seal gasped, then nodded. She was defeated. He was a NightWing.

His purple eyes glared at River. River hissed back, ready to attack. Valka swiftly slipped off the rock, and popped out of the water, grabbed River, and pulled him under the water. “Hey! Let him go! He always does that! Hey!” Seal swam after him, but realized that she flew faster than swimming. But Valka had the same idea. “Stop that! Let me go! Oh, you’re gonna get it! LET ME GO!” River screamed.

Valka roared, and flew to Jade Mountain. Seal felt herself drooping closer to the water, and her wings slowing down. A memory flashed into her head.

“Hey, Seal! I wanna go outside today! Mother won’t be back until around midnight!” Seal’s little brother, Seashell, called. Seal put down her scroll, glared at him, and let out a deep growl. Seashell did not understand, and swam into her room. “C’mon, Seal! We barely go outside! Pleeease! Just for an hour! Please, c’mon!” Seal sighed, “Fine, but only for 1 hour. If you try to extend it, you are gonna PAY!” They both swam out of their palace, passed the Summer Palace, and into a different current than from school or to school.

“This sucks. The current is loose! I can’t imagine-” Seal saw a male SeaWing flash, then saw his light green eyes. “Hey, kid! Get out of there!” he flashed frantically. Seal tried to grab Seashell and swim out, but failed. She slipped out of the current, and sank down deeper.

“I have no idea! I need to go back into the current!” Seal flashed bitterly, letting the male SeaWing know she meant business. Soon, Seal realized who the SeaWing was. It was Eel, the commander for war.

“I’m just trying to help you- HEY!” Seal swam quickly pass him, and slipped into the current. She had to save Seashell, he was her brother, after all.









Chapter 2


“Hey! Seal!” a small IceWing called. Knowing it was an enemy, or a bad IceWing, Seal stormed past. She passed the Rainforest Kingdom, the Ice Kingdom, and then the Sand Kingdom. The sandstorm almost knocked her over. But she kept on going. A storm was stirring, and it did not sound good.

She thought about Sunshine and Isha, having a wonderful time at home. She’d growl deeply about the thought, and thrash her tail. Soon, she stopped, staring into the deep water below. It’s a little too quiet for the Nightmare Zone… Soon, two pairs of talons held her wings, four pairs held her talons, and only one talon help her snout.

They pulled her down deeper. I’m a Shallow Team SeaWing! A Coral SeaWing! They can’t hurt me! I’m the niece of the queen! She’d roar, and whack two dragons with her tail.


Meanwhile, at the cave, Sunshine watched Jade Mountain. I wonder if Dragonet Academy is better than Jade Academy. Possibly, but not quite.

Dragonet Academy has more history, doesn’t it? Plus, the one and only Dragonborn! Angelia is the best. Her power has to be greater than Ink’s or Spike’s… He’d stare at the stars. It’s almost time, isn’t it?

Ink was a legend in Pyrrhia. He created the Talons of War and The Talons of Ink. It started a war with Diagon. Diagon created the Talons of Peace and the Talons of Diagon.

Every 100 years after the defeat of Ink, he would rise again from a fiery grave, almost burning out the sun. Or almost melting the ice in the Ice Kingdom.

Isha opened her eyes quietly, and looked at Sunshine. She saw it. The purple, glittering eyes in a shadowy dragon figure. She also saw another dragon figure, being dragged by the first one, with bright blue eyes.

“Hold on, I’ll be right back…” Sunshine would say, then dash at the shadows. Quietly, a shadow with blood red eyes would slip into the dark cage. “Hello, Isha. My name is Cardinal. I’m the princess of the SkyWing Queen.” The shadow would hiss, then grin.

“Let me go!” Seal would flash brightly. She had knocked out the SeaWings holding her wings, and was now flapping them bitterly underwater. “I don’t deserve this! Let me go! I know your plans already! River does! And when he-” She flashed, and then something pulled her horns. Hard. “Who was that?” She flashed angrily, and opened her jaws quickly then closed them. That startled the holder of them, who flew back a few feet.

Seal looked around, and bit a holder of her talons in their snout. It’d let out a gurgled scream, and jump back. It landed on the holder of her snout.

She clawed two holders, and knocked out the third. The holder of her horns pulled them harder, and she cried out. “Don’t you DARE!” She’d flash brightly, and claw the SeaWing in their eyes, then bite their snout.

As 6 of them followed her, she swam up until she saw the light of the sun. “Goodbye, Deep SeaWings.” She’d flash, and go faster. “And that is that…” She flashed happily, to herself.


Cardinal ambled over to Isha. “Sunshine is no good for you. He stole you. You mostly belong with the IceWings. Or me.” Isha saw the SkyWing grin and look bitterly at her talons. “I will deport that queen, and become it myself.” She’d look happily at Isha. “You will be my only child, I will train you to defeat me! And nobody else.”

Isha tilted her head at Cardinal. Why would she become queen just so I can kill her? Oh… I think I know why… Isha would smile, and wait to see if her answer was correct. “Then, use the same skills I taught you to defeat the IceWing queen. Then, like Queen Glory used to, you rule two tribes!” She’d grin at Isha.

Isha would look at her own talons. Wait… I can’t fight the IceWing queen… Am I a daughter or a niece? Cardinal would spread her talons. “You are the niece of the IceWing queen. Ha! It’s like I’m reading your mind… Which I am!”

Cardinal would scratch her talons against the rock wall. “Oh, my father was the husband of the queen of NightWings, my second mother. But then they broke up. Just kidding! Ha!” She’d look at the shocked expression on Isha. “I killed her! I’m the queen of NightWings. And I’m gonna be the Queen of SkyWings! Then you are the queen of both! Then you’re gonna be the queen of IceWings! THREE!”

Isha would look at her talons. Is that true? Can I actually give up this life to be the queen of three tribes? I have no cousins. So far, no sisters. If Cardinal says that. No daughters, that's my choice again…

“Just don’t get married. And we better battle the Queen before she gets more daughters. You’re her only one so far. I heard Sunshine killed the father to get you.” Cardinal hissed. “So far, the Queen Icewing doesn’t have a husband and no eggs yet! Ha ha!”

Isha would look at her talons again. Is that true? My father… or my stepfather… killed my real one… for me? “How oo yoooo nowa dis?” Isha demanded, hoping Cardinal would understand her. Cardinal stared at Isha with her red eyes.

“My mother demanded him to get the IceWing egg… Now come with me!” Cardinal grabbed Isha and flew away. About one minute after, Sunshine came. “Isha?” He whimpered silently.

After a few days, Isha knew every fighting move and was in for the fight. Thirst for the kill! I’m an animus, yeah! She thought angrily. And climbed up to the window. There was Cardinal, sitting in her throne.

“She trained me for this, today is the day I become queen…” Isha whispered, then flew out the window to the throne. “Queen Cardinal. As your daughter, I challenge you!” She growled, and the SkyWings gasped. “Is this true?” A male called. Oops… maybe this was the wrong time… Isha thought sadly, looking up to see her mother smile and nod.

“I am ready to fight, my dearest. Good luck…” She’d hiss, trying to sound angry enough that the crowd would believe her. They both flew to the arena. “Remember, Isha. You use every attack on me. I have a lifespan of about 1 extra minute after I should die. I’ll tell you if you did okay, or if you must improve. Got that?” Cardinal hissed.

Isha nodded. They stood. “Queen Cardinal against Princess Isha. Ready? FIGHT!” The announcer yelled, and Isha jumped onto Cardinal. She let out her ice breathe, froze her mother’s front talons, and snapped them off. Cardinal roared in pain. I’m sorry, mother. Can’t we stop and we live the way we are? Isha thought, whimpering.

Cardinal shook her head. “Fight them, and win it. I’ll be-” She started, but stopped when Isha sadly jabbed a spear through her heart. Cardinal fell on the ground, defeated. The crowd gasped, and the announcer sighed, “The new queen of SkyWings… and NightWings. Queen Isha the IceWing!!!” He called.

“What? An IceWing ruling two tribes that aren’t even hers?” A female roared. Isha threw out her talon, silenting them. She ran over to Cardinal. “You…. did good…. Practice your dodging before you fight Queen Icewing… Please… I… Isha….” Cardinal coughed. “Be safe, be good. Stay alive… I will… always be… watching… y-y-you.. From above…”

Isha felt the tears form in her eyes. I’m barely a year old, and I’m a queen… Isn’t that messed up a little? Oh, mother! I love you! Isha thought bitterly. Cardinal coughed again.

“I… I am sorry, Isha. Be a good ruler… I…. I…. I….” She’d close her eyes. “I love you, too….” Cardinal whispered, then stopped breathing. She cried in disbelief and sadness. Somebody put a crown on her head with rubies and onyxes on it. She felt a skyfire. That will protect me from mind readers… She’d thought sadly.


“She’s coming? Oh, that stupid IceWing!” Queen Icewing cried, hearing the news of Isha. “Find me Seal and Sunshine! They will know what must be done! I cannot have a one-year-old killing me!”

“She’s… alive?” Sunshine cried, after two IceWing guards told him about Isha. “That’s… great! Oh, I’m so happy.” He cried out happily. The tallest guard stepped forward, “We would like to speak to Seal. Where is she? She is not inside, for she would have come out, too.” He said in a great, deep, booming voice like a giant.

“I… I actually don’t know. She’d been gone for days. I saw River, her SeaWing friend, get carried to Jade Mounatin. I waited for her to come to I can tell her…” Sunshine sighed. “What has happened in the world anymore… I feel like there’s gonna be a new war…” Sunshine would look at his talons.


“After I defeat Queen Icewing, I will be the queen on three tribes! We can work together, and take over all of the tribes!” Isha roared happily to the crowd, who cheered happily. “We overrun whoever challenges us! We are the new queens and kings of this island!” A SkyWing roared.

The others cheered, and Isha smiled. For once, I’m going to be even more powerful than my fa- my father… She’d look sadly at the Sand Kingdom. He must have forgotten about me.... His only daughter… His only CHILD! She stood up quickly.

“What is wrong, my queen?” A small SkyWing dragonet asked. “I… I need to make a quick visit to somewhere.” Isha spread her wings and started flying. I need to find him… I- An IceWing grabbed Isha. “Help!” She roared to her army, and saw them all look at her. “Get them!” A guard yelled, and about 3 dozen of guards flew to the attackers. Before seeing darkness, she saw frozen bodies of her guards fall into the water, or crash onto land and become a million broken pieces.

She opened her eyes, and saw a IceWing arguing with another one. “The NightWings are unbelievable! But… we have that queen of NightWings and SkyWings.... She’ll help us.” A male proclaimed to the other. “No, no, no! We got the IceWing because she was going to come and kill Queen IceWing! You can’t have that, can you!?” A female replied.

“Where am I?” Isha said silently, and looked around weakly. The IceWings stared at her quickly. One glided his claws near Isha’s snout. She growled, and bit the talon. “Hey! Let her up. I need to talk to her.” Isha saw Queen IceWing walking up to her.

“You know your father, Sunshine?” Queen IceWing asked Isha, with icy steam rising from her snout. Isha got up, “What do you mean…?” Two IceWings were holding Sunshine. “Snowflake, Snowstorm… My two icescaled IceWings.” Sunshine looked around. Queen IceWing looked down at Sunshine. “Ah, the SandWing champion. It’s a shame a RAINWING defeated Peril, isn’t it?



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When life gives you Lemons Demand sugar and water or your lemonade is gonna suck.














First of all, I'd like to say what an awesome author you are and how amazing your books are. When the eleventh book came out I constantly asked my parents "Can we go to Barnes and Noble yet?" I read it as fast as I could and read it 5 more times in this obsessive way that I have. My cousin has already pre-ordered the 12 on Amazon but I'm hoping to get it from Barnes and Noble for christmas! Also, as an aspiring Author myself, i'm trying to come up with a Moonstone dragon for a book I'm working on. Opalescent scales, silver horns, spines and claws, but what about the eyes?

Keep writing, you are amazing, I understand if you don't read this, as long as the next book comes out on time! ;)


P.S. Please include a skywing-seawing hybrid, mostly red and with wings and body like a skywing but also with webbed talons, gills and a couple luminescent scales like the seawings. Please! It'd have enough stamina to get to Pantala, alternately flying and swimming.i leave the name up to you.  Love your books, keep writing!

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Ashburn -Leafwing with Sundew's small golden scales and possibly magic growing powers

Sunset-Only Skywing who likes Peril and wants to be friends with her. also happens to be part Seawing.

RiverClan Forever!! Ripplepelt.



Tui, in my opinion you are the BEST book author EVER! Personally Quibli is my favorite character. And yes, i do have a favorite villain,  Ex-Queen Scarlet, anyway  continue the amazing work!

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Hi! If u go to conway middle, I do too! yes, i do free art but you have to go to Conway middle. Welp, i guess i should go now

Can't wait!!!


Hopefully it will make my school year a bit better. .-.


I already have some Ocs planned for this continent, but I need more information on the books to fully finish them. So far I for their names, I have Nightcrawler the HiveWing, Ant the HiveWing, Monarch the HiveWing, Dewdrop the SilkWing, and Flurry the LeafWing.


Soooo, yesh. I hope everything is going well for everyone who reads this!


                                                 -A very smol bean.

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In the lost continent there is a point when the main characters use a bullet ant to torture the Hive-wing queen out of the librarian who protects the book of Clearsight, and they say that it is a bullet ant. The problem? they have not invented guns so why is it called a bullet ant?!

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and that is like her

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I am a haft NightWing haft SandWing/SeaWing. I live in the Land of Storys. I am friends with Harry Potter. I am my own girl

i think Burn should have a secret daughter

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I am a haft NightWing haft SandWing/SeaWing. I live in the Land of Storys. I am friends with Harry Potter. I am my own girl


I recently re-read Escaping Peril (one of my favorites) and noticed something small. Chameleon says something about how a long time ago the MudWings had no heirs at some point and the kingdom was in upheavel? It was literally 1 SENTENCE but I had to think very hard about it. Will we ever find out what happened to the MudWings all those years ago? Was it just a little easter egg? I need to closure! 

Best regards (and definitely never first to comment)



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(Screeches in comic sans)


I'm Autumnfrost!

I'm never first to comment lol


Have a bird-tastic day!






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94% of people think wolves are evil creatures. Copy and paste this to your signature if you're the 6% who think they are kind and lovable.






Read the book looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it

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I got the book...





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The bell chimes a ding. You haven't lived until you've felt wind beneath your wings.


If you have cracked the code, you may enter the trials with wisdom.


thats sooooo cool i'm waiting 6 weeks for that book!!


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Bo's so cute!

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Aka Molt


“Your soul shall be mine”

mr.Bo is sooo cute

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i'm really exited to read the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YAY!!!! and LOL!!!

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