So it's finally 1 July and I'm coming back to the WoFMB, hopefully properly this time and not just fading out again. I guess I need to dig out my old ML and GGaD forms (are those FWRPs even still going? I feel like I've been gone for so long XD) so I can remember what my characters are like and create a rejoining thread. I've definitely missed the WoFMB and all of you guys, and I'm glad to be back. I'm not sure what else to write here to be honest XD I'm just gonna create this before I change my mind.


Since I've been MIA, I've:

-discovered the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom and watched 11 of the 19 films in less than 2 months and been stupidly spoiled for Infinity War, which I have yet to watch

-started a bunch more stories and fanfics that I likely will never finish

-found out that Kingdom of Ash is going to be the series finale to Throne of Glass (no more Throne of Glass after Kingdom of Ash, nuuuuu)

-played Flight Rising probably more than I should have done for my sanity

-decided to reread the entire Wings of Fire series

-and probably a bunch more stuff but my brain is dying on me now (need more sleep).


So what's been going on on the WoFMB since I've been gone? What have I missed? I'm very glad to be back again :D



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