Painful? Or ...cant think o word

Oh how fun! I love doing this stuff! {btw mods, please let this through}


if you feel like it, tell us about your first crush

mine was butter.


It was wierd... I was six? And... I forgot about him XD. So much for a juicy story.

Anyway, have fun with it!

I hope we get different views on what it was like. Was it a enjoyable expierience, or  painful? Tell us in the comments! ooo ima make a poll

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I feel........



to bad I'm just a kid.


I'm a

Sandwing-Rainwing Hybrid, Ravenclaw, a daughter of Athena, and a tiger.





~"I was not always a monster."~

"Was it really worth the cost?"


  Well my first crush was technically my first so called ‘bf’. We were in grade one, so it was mostly him drawing cute pictures for me and us hanging out at recess, nothing even close to romance. XD I mean, grade one y’alls. We ain’t gonna do much. I think I’ve only had three(?) crushes after that, the last one’s still going.

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 ˑ--ɪ ɪs -ɪɪɴɢ ʏ


 ‣ɴ ɪғ ʜ ʜʟ ʀʟ s ʜɪɴɢˑ

 ˑɪ sɪʟʟ ɴ ɪʜ ʏ

ʀɪ ʜɪɢʜʏs ɴ ʙʏʏs ʙ ɪʜ ʏˑ

... oh no

it was when I was in kinder

and there was an assembly

and I saw this cute boy standing on the bleachers with choir singing

(he was, like, in fourth grade)

and I told my mom, "Mom, look, that boy's so cute!"

she dropped her coffee


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--I am Inkblot--

she, her, fluff


I have a foot in another world

Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they're open.


help? new siggy?


ngl my first crush laurel please don't hurt me i'm sorry was from 5th grade and that was pretty wild because i had a crush on her for almost 3 years until like a month before meeting laurel


there's a lot of story behind that and it hurts to think about it gah

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To drown in da͡rk,̷ ͠wit͢he͘r͢ed days 

Must no doubt be p̴ai͟nfu̴l͜.

If reality isn't a l̷ie͠, then what is it?

If you don't u҉nde̡rs͟t͝ąn̨d then..


・Artificial Enemy・



I'm loving these stories! Thank you for sharing

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I feel........



to bad I'm just a kid.


I'm a

Sandwing-Rainwing Hybrid, Ravenclaw, a daughter of Athena, and a tiger.





~"I was not always a monster."~

"Was it really worth the cost?"


no. it's embarrassing. leave me and my personal life alone.

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i ' s o r r y

so my FIRST crush was on my best friend named emma in like first grade and also i didnt know it was a crush sooo i dont count it (she is adorable tho)


my first crush that i knew was a crush was a couple years ago on this girl named avery. shes absolutely beautiful and i'd be lying if seeing her didn't make my heart ache but i'm over her kfngjk. she has a lovely voice and i love to hear her laugh.... honestly though shoutout to her.....


i went through a whole phase of just being utterly infatuated with her. its kind of embarrassing but it also let me fully embrace who i am (a Big Lesbian oh my god i love girls) and i am glad it happened even though i had and still have no chance with her.


soo yeah. she still brings a smile to my face but im not super into her anymore.

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             the goodness of the world

     rests partially on the unhistoric acts


hiro hamada from bh6. lasted 2 weeks. first girl crush was rey from star wars. 

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call me happeh


she’s bi-eauty, she’s gray-ace



will make puns

we’re just human

First girl crush was a girl at a Christian camp who liked the flash



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it is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we should not exist


if I could burn this town

i wouldn’t hesitate

to smile while you suffocate and die

From maybe Year 4 to Year 6. We only had a dozenish people in our Year, and we were "the smartest in the class". So, he was smart, and funny, and I never told anyone but one day someone offhandedly told me he liked someone else


And I tried to stop having a crush on him... but it didn't work


Luckily that was at the end of Year 6 and soon we all moved to different high schools, so I never saw him again


I was so awkward back then. Gah. Even more than I am now.

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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." ~The Lorax




"LICK LICK LICK" she saids as she was put in an assylum

Mine was around fifth grade and I kind of had two at once and they may not have been crushes but that's when I started getting them so? Yeah. I've liked one person since (technically two, but I determined that one was actually platonic and me being confused) and tried to be friends, which didn't work because they hate me. Hooray. (I plan to maybe never get a crush again, but with my luck..)

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she/heand they/them

and we're powered by every tear that's dried

I kind of liked a guy in first grade, but I didn't get a real crush until like third grade. There was this guy named Jack, and I was friends with his older sister (who was a year older than me, Jack was my age), and I'm pretty sure he liked me back. Then they moved to the next county over and the next time I ever heard anything about him he apparently had a girlfriend

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Queen of Curiosity

You want weapons? Were in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world!the Doctor


 sort of active


you have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story

#Remember Hurricane

Um... its kinda long and embarrassing... but I’ll tell you guys:


This happened in third grade. So I hardly knew the guy he was in my class, and one day one of his friends came up and said: “Tyler has a crush on you” and I’m like: “Okaaay...” and it kept coming! “Tyler has a crush on you!” “Hey did you know Tyler likes you?” And things like that ALL the time! So I’m like I gotta meet this Tyler guy. So I bump into him one day like literally bumped into him while talking to my friend and he blushed really hard. And I just started as his face got redder and redder, it was so awkward. I just kinda walked away after that, and by then my face was feeling hot from embarrassment! Both Tyler’s friends and My friend Izzy had seen that! Izzy never made fun of me phew! But then his friends were suddenly asking me: “Do you have a crush on Tyler?” It was kind of annoying. And a couple weeks later we kinda started this wierd game between my friend Izzy and me versus Tyler and his friend I think his name was Noah. It was kida like a war where we would find objects on the playground and hide them in our nests, the boys team would attack out base and try to destroy our nests. We would try to protect them! After awhile I realized I had started crushing on him! It was super awkward!!! Then like weeks and weeks of this, it was so so weird. He started crushing on my BFF Izzy! But that was only like for two weeks then he went back to crushing on me. There wa this while awkward convesation with Noah about how: “I thought he was crushing on Izzy.” “Well he was but now he likes you again.” “Okaaay” so yeah. And like some time later this is the wierdest wierdest WIERDEST thing that ever happened in our kinda romance. Ine time during recess he captured me and took me to his base. He put me against the wall and put his hands near my shoulders like he was pinning me but not really (part of the game) and he said, “You’re cute.” Just like that SUPER WIERD!!! And I swear I was blushing so hard that my whole face started turning red. I ducked under his arms and ran back to our base. Maybe the second wierdest thing, I was in the library reading a book on a bench, Tyler decides to sit next to me. Then he said, “I have a crush on you.” Then I said (without looking from my book) “Maybe I do too.” It was just that, and I bet you wanna know how this story ended. I was living in washington state at the time, and I had to move... to Texas. I have never seen him again and probably never will.


Thanks for reading this super long story! I hope that you were amused. Cuz I am pretty amused by reading my own non-fiction story!



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FIREFLY The Dragon/Cat/Human Hybrid


"The limit of creation is the limit of your imagination" - Me  





[Wall of text ahead]


I could talk about my first first crush, but I'm currently trying to forget about that... (Hint: Had to go to therapy for a while because of something he did) so I'll just talk about my second/current crush.


At the beginning of the year, Jessica and I were kinda friends, like those friends who you're like "Oh my friend and I did this" but you never really talk to them. I always saw her as that one cool girl everyone wanted to be friends with who was also waaay out of my friend league. Then, she brought in a few warriors books, none of which I had read yet, and so I asked if I could borrow the first one. She agreed, and I finished the book very quickly. We then began to grow closer due to Warrior Cats. Then, we were introduced to musicals such as Dear Evan Hansen, Be More Chill, and Heathers: the Musical. Our friendship really started taking off. Pretty soon, we had found a bunch of ships (all of which were quite gay) and started freaking out about them. It was around this time that I began developing a crush on her. It was November at the time. I came out to her as pan on my birthday, and she was very supportive of me. I then learned that she, too, was pan. I enjoyed her company so much, she was always supportive and we could always have a nice conversation. Then, my first crush (no names for him) good me that she was talking about me behind my back. I refused to believe him because she had never lied to me, and he had so many times. I told him that and he said that he was just trying to warn me. I told him to frick off. Jessica and I continued to be friends after that. A little while after that, I went for a sleepover at another friend's house. My first crush lived nearby, and my friend called him down to mess with him (one of our favorite activities). During this time, he pulled out his phone and showed me about 9 huge paragraphs in one of his contacts. "This is how much Jessica has talked about you over the last, like,  24 hours."  I looked closer at them and notices that they were all about pictures I sent her , things about how we were friends, and similar things. "So what?" I said. Inside I was actually flattered that she cared that much. A few days later, I found out that she was moving. No big deal, you might think. Well, actually, yes big deal. She was moving to Florida that day after the last day of school. I was not happy. Actually, I was miserable. I promised myself that I would confess to her on the last day of school. On the days leading up, my feelings only increased. I went from saying I liked her to saying that I was in love with her. And it as true. It still is. The last day of school comes, and I'm terrified. I almost vomited in the morning. I ignore it and continue on with my day, postponing my confession as much as I could. Getting very close to the end of the day, I started getting very nervous. When the dismissal announcements came on, I started having a panic attack. I felt like I couldn't breathe. But I knew that it was now or never, so after getting comforted by my friend, I built up the courage to confess. Her response was "that makes two". That's it. I had gotten her phone number before, so five days after she moved, I tried to call her. Turns out she got a new phone and so now I have no way of contacting her. 


Confessing was only that much harder because my school is a Catholic school filled to the brim with homophobic/racist staff and a ton more lgbtqia+ people than you'd expect. Also my parents are homophobes and I would get kicked out if they knew. Fortunately, I do have a friend who has offered to take me in if they find out, so I don't have to worry about that.


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     |||ɴ υ r|||  


 |||вυт ιғ ι ѕιт ιɴ тнrαιɴ|||

   |||мαyвι cαɴ drowɴ|||

|||ιɴ ѕoмeтнιɴɢ oтнeтнαɴ|||

    |||мowɴ тнoυɢнтѕ|||

Mine was this boy in my class who I was really good friends with. I didn't realise but I had a crush on him the whole year and a bit of the next. 

However weird, creepy warning I had this dream about this girl asking him out. Then he stopped being friends with me. When they finally broke up he got into... Ping pong? The weird part is that this all happened. Even the ping pong part. 


After this, I had 3 crushes in the same year (I hate this part but I'm telling you). One lasted for a month before he called me ugly. The second for two weeks before he called me something that would get me a very long if not permanent ban here. With both I decided that I wouldn't like someone like that. I move on a bit quickly, making it look like I don't care, but really my memory's so bad if I want to I can forget all the emotions I ever felt. Ok, I admit, I moved on really quickly. One week later... I ended up having a crush on this boy in my tutor group. I still do. 


P.S Crush no.1 still hates me. I never told him and he'll never know. 

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The Fox 


Treasure Chest Filled With Your Diamonds


Mama said, 'Don't give up, it's little complicated.' 


Or I Could Come Alone, Just Me, You On Our Own

I had a crush named Johan in 4th grade, we've had fights, but we've always been friends. We liked dragons, comic books, and making things.


I never felt that way before... We got super mad at each other. It was in Spanish: I was hitting a pencil at it's point. It flew up and hit Johan in the head. I tried to apologize. We had a big fight at recess.


(Oh yeah, one time: We were fighting on Google Slides chat, and we started cursing at each other. We worked out fine after that, though).


I cried whenever I saw him after that day for 3 days. We had the same classroom, though. In the summer, I tried calling him, he hung up. I ended up crying for an hour.


Now I just made him an enemy... >:C



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When life gives you Lemons Demand sugar and water or your lemonade is gonna suck.