I feel oddly detached and numb

despite all the posts

the heartbreaking posts

I still feel like it's all unreal.

because this isn't the forum's reality

Like soon I'll wake up

and everything's fine

and Hurricane's still here even though we can't see her, alive, happy

and there are no gray siggies

or blue ones that say #rememberher


I feel regretful 

despite the fact that I barely knew her

or even talked to her outside roleplays

I wish I did.

I wish I had at least talked to her more

maybe a summon at least

since she seemed like a nice person

a great person, an amazing person

which she was.

but I never really knew that until now.

and now my font is navy blue for her.

all our fonts are.


I feel scared

what if this happens to one of us someday?

what if one of us suddenly disappears

and there's no older sister to tell the rest of us?

did we actually exist to the rest of them?

or were we just an icon on a screen

that mysteriously quit 

and no one knows why?

what happens then?

are the only traces of us they know made of pixels?

made of fancy fonts? 


even when we're gone,

we live on in memories

and in someone's teenage mind

hopefully those memories of me are good ones


I feel like typing

words like these 

words for you


I may not have known you

but these words

are for you

as are our funeral threads

and poems

and songs

because we loved you

we'll never forget you

you were one of us

we love you


I don't know why I did this

mods, let this through

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Being unoriginal here!

thats what i thought

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