constructive criticism only. but i shall critique on three things; 1) Concept and Ideas (Uniqueness and intresting-ness?), 2) Appearance and Powers (Resonableness), 3) Other Stuff (Random Stuff). its on a scale (haha) of one to ten.

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ʝօɨռɛɖ ǟքʀɨʟ ֆɛʋɛռȶɦ ȶաօ ȶɦօʊֆǟռɖ ɛɨɢɦȶɛɛռ

ֆքǟʀӄʟɛֆ ɦʊʀȶ ʍʏ ֆǟʀƈǟֆȶɨƈ ɛʏɛֆ ~ʍɛ

ɨ ʟɨӄɛ ȶɦɨֆ ʄօռȶ ȶօօ ʍʊƈɦ





can can shoot lasers out of eyes 


retractable blades in wrist 




mostly silver or gray gray some are gold 




has a king and a high council  


only 2 known animus

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fortnite god


we must defeat t series


Sub to pewd pls 


What I’ve felt

what I’ve known

never shined through what I’ve shown

never free 

never me

So i dub thee unforgiven 







I have two:


Name: WindWings

Queen/royal family: Queen Breeze, /King Stratus, Princess Strom, and Prince Cumulus (twin to Princess Storm.)

General Appearances: generally light purples, white, gray and sometimes pink. They have a large spine going down their back, which is always a lighter tone of the body's main color. WindWings have four wings, two large ones in the front, and two smaller ones further toward the tail. The wings tend to have a feathery look. The horns are sort, and look slightly like those of a pronghorn. The underbelly scales are like little diamonds, the colors varying with each dragon. Each scale (excluding the underbelly scales) is small and somewhat shaped like as feather. There legs are thin, and don't have much muscle. They walk on all fours. Eye color tends to be yellow, orange or blue. The royal WindWings have a single blue stripe down the middle of their back. 

Egg Apperance: often white that fades into a gray and made of little diamond shapes. When a dragon has a light blue egg with purple swirls, (which is extremely rare,) it has the gift of Windtalons. Those with Windtalons have a pink swirl under their eyes. 

Names: the names are mostly based off types of clouds and degrees of altitude or levels of wind, sometimes even weather. (E.x, Tornado,  Humid)

Habitat: WindWings live in open moors where the wind is often fierce. There is a small city filled with beds, food and nests. They don't live on Pyrrah or Patlanta, they live on an entirely different content named Inamba.

Abilities: WindWings are the swiftest of dragons, but they often are slow when on the ground (which is close to never). WindWings, if by some slim chance, can have wind minipulation. This is very rare and is called Windtalons. There is the idea that Windtalons is only caused when the wind shifts direction three times during the hatching of an egg, but the real reason is unkown. There is a chance of animus magic, but it is even rarer then on Pyrrah. 

Culture:  Rarely found on the ground. WiP 

Other: a closely related relative of the SkyWing, probably a sub species. They also have a long and complex history with EarthWings. 



Name: EarthWings

Queen/royal family: Queen Geo/ King Boulder, Prince Igneous, Prince Sandstone and Princess Crystal. 

General Appearances: generally earth tones, such as forest green, deep browns, grays, blacks and occasionally very dark purples or blues. They are low to the ground and slow with short legs full of muscle. They walk on all fours. Sometimes, moss can be seen growing on them. Their wings are a different thing altogether. EarthWings only have two wings, but rarely use them to fly. Like in caves, on the underpart of the wings there are often veins of gold or deep green colors. Only royalty has silver veins on the underside of the wings. The underbelly of these dragons are mostly like little squares or triangles, and are are dealer correct then the main body's color. The horns are like that of a moose or an elk, on which moss or alge grow on it, often connecting the two horns. Eye color tends to be a dark, bown-orange or a bright green. 

Egg Apperance: The average appearance is either deep brown that blends in the earth, or a gray egg that is easily mistaken for a rock. When the egg is a bright green (which is very rare), it means that when the dragon is hatched, it will have a green vein on its wings and be a Vineclaw. 

Names: each name relates to the earth somehow. It can be stones or plants. (E.x, Daisy or Graphite)

Habitat: In deep forests or caves. They live in the same content as the WindWings, which is named Inamba. 

Abilities: EarthWings are impressive farmers. They can gown things very well. They each, like rockes, have more than one stage in life. At the first stage, they are the still learning about life. They are most vulnerable in this stage. When they die, their bodies don't decay, they re-grown into a stronger form. The second stage is when they are at prime. Things look good and it tends to be the longest stage. The third stage is when they are the wisest. This stage is queer and leads to many mysteries. Sometimes, and EarthWing in the third stage will disappear in the night without any word. And yes, each dragon dies four times in its life. Animus powers are ultra rare. Going along with the rare part, if a dragon's egg shell, then they can control plants. This gets more powerful in each stage of life, but doesn't always come with them to the next stage. This rare gift is called the Vineclaw. The Vinclaw is said to happen when plants grow over an egg and help it hatch. 

Culture: huge farmers and respecters of nature. WiP

Other: long and complex history with the WindWings. They are likely to be sort of a sub species or distant relative of MudWings.

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