Name- Cheetahspot

Age- 24 moons

Gender- male

Rank- Warrior

Clan- WindClan

Sexuality- questioning

Appearance- a black spotted, yellow tom with a white tipped tail and amber eyes.

Personality- Cheetahspot is a ambitious young tom who is eager to prove himself worthy of being a warrior. The former kittypet loves adventure.

Crush/Mate?- none

Kits?- none

Mentor/Apprentice?- none

Other- Jaybea, formally named Cheetah

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"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." George Shaw 

Here to the end, and will be there in our new home.

"The forums are not a place, it's a people." Happeh


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I’m crazy and proud of it



Forum sibs:key,fallen,Shi,lily,lily-Anna,Alphawolf,Egret



Books! I am obsessed with books!




Wolfs are awesome 


I am:




Athena’s daughter 


























Imma just be a kitty pet and let things go from 0 to 100 from there. 


Name - Crescent

Age - 12 in cat years

Gender - Female 

Sexuality - Pan

Current Home? - Hare Hill Riding Stables (See map The New Prophecy) TwoLegPlace

Owners? - A young girl who enjoys riding horsesTwoLeg kit

Appearance- Pale yellow fur. white underfur. black tabby cat patterns. blue right eye, yellow left. Black collar with spikes and tag. 

Personality- Clever, a bit aggressive. Enjoys exploring and interacting.

Crush/Mate?- Nope.

Kits?- eW nO havIng kIds is gRosS!1!!1!1

Other- Greystripe boi / Can she have the ability to shape shift but can only be someone or something else for like, 24 hours?


Name-  Dreamcloud (is that name canon / is it possible in the books?)

Age- 12

Gender- Female

Rank- Medcine Cat (If taken for RiverCaln, if THAT’S taken, warrior for WindClan.)

Clan- WindClan

Sexuality- Bisexual

Appearance- White fluffy fur, black streak along back. black right front paw, chestnut spot on eye. green eyes. 

Personality- Calm, Serene, quiet at the most.

Crush/Mate?- Crescent 

Kits?- nOpe

Mentor/Apprentice?- NUh uH, but apprentice is open. 

Other- STILL GREYSTRIPE / Can she also have the ability to shape shift because Crescent is actually her sister but she doesn’t know and it’s weird bc she has a crush one her? *INNHALE* that was a lot XD) 


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            |S H U T T E R B U G 

       ε Moons above!

       Ξ  Shape | Shifter




Don’t take it personal...




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Quintuplets with Dellow, Quartz, Daisy, and Ellysia



I'm a Lesbian. Hi "


Act like the Candy Bar you Are!" -KitCat 8/1/18

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