Preferably something fantasy, I'm in a fantasy mood lol.

Something with LGBTQ+ representation, too? Maybe?

I guess that's all the criteria, anything works. I miight  have already read the book you recommend to me, but oh well 

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the revolution is outside

Uglies (the first novel in a series by Scott Westerfield) is a very good book, in my opinion. It’s a bit hard to explain, but imagine a dystopia n which there are two kind of people — uglies and pretties. At a certain age, uglies become pretties (via plastic surgery). The main conflict of the book is that the main character, Tally, had a choice between catching her ugly best friend, Shay, or not being able to turn pretty. It’s a bit hard to explain how this situation arises, but nevertheless it’s a very good book.

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the heart wants what it wants

and what it wants

is to burst out of your chest and terrorize people. it's an alien, remember?

Ooo okay, I'll check it out!

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but you can't just stay down on your knees

the revolution is outside

if you’re looking for books with lgbtq+ rep, these books are especially good (however, none of them are fantasy except for carry on):


the last to let go - amber smith

simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda - becky albertalli

leah on the offbeat - becky albertalli

the miseducation of cameron post - emily m. danforth

carry on - rainbow rowell

aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe - bejamin alire sáenz

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s e a f o a m

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Another one is rangers apprentice.


fantasy and real T the same time. This boy must learn how to handle a Bow and Arrow and blend in. Soon, these creatures arrive and start killing everyone with their freeze eyeeyes 


Will (the orphaned boy) must then choose when these beasts 'The Kalkara' freeze his master whether he is ready to step into his identity or not.


Its really cool but can get a bit violent.



the author is John Flanagan.

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Spirit of a Sαɳ∂ωเɳɠ



Cunning of a ℕıɠɧɬῳıŋɠ


Beauty of a G̷l̷o̷r̷y̷



ℑƈɛաɨռɢ քʀɛƈɨֆɨօռ


  SιʅƙWιɳɠ Gɾαƈҽ



HḠ .







Wolf Clan X: Beta


(#ss m Ꭼ!!)




it's about some kiddos that travel to a maaaaaagic place. Kiddo one basically breaks rules and Kiddo two yells at him. it's mostly straight but there is a maybe bi character.




so there's a girl and she has powers. guy helps. girl fights some maybe god. The two actual gods are probably gay.

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ʝօɨռɛɖ ǟքʀɨʟ ֆɛʋɛռȶɦ ȶաօ ȶɦօʊֆǟռɖ ɛɨɢɦȶɛɛռ

ֆքǟʀӄʟɛֆ ɦʊʀȶ ʍʏ ֆǟʀƈǟֆȶɨƈ ɛʏɛֆ ~ʍɛ

ɨ ʟɨӄɛ ȶɦɨֆ ʄօռȶ ȶօօ ʍʊƈɦ

six of crows?


assassin's apprentice? 

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you know time crawls on when you're waiting for the song to start, so dance alone to the beat of your heart


Deltora Quest, Rowan of Rin(Emily Rodda), Pillars of Reality(Jack Campbell)

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Son of Justice

Speak softly and carry a big stick.


El Amigo


Please just be okay...


Foolizh autocoreect

The Raven Cycle, maybe? The pacing is a little annoying at times but I enjoyed the series quite a bit (the first book is The Raven Boys)

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@Calytrix- Six of Crows was my first thought when I saw “LGBTQ+ representation in fantasy”! And wow, someone else has read Assassain’s Apprentice!

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It's not exactly fantasy per say, it's more sci-if/magical realism, but if you're older and in the mood for something a bit heavy but still magical and with lgbtq representation, you can try reading a book by Shaun David Hutchinson. He's my favorite author. But only read if you think you can handle it. 

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it's not quite fantasy, def more sci fi, but there are sea monsters? scientifically created sea monsters. and lesbian pirates. its called The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie (and the sequel, The Edge of the Abyss)


a sci fi rec: do you love aliens? do you love found family? do you love well-developed characters? The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers has all of them! As well as a character that uses they/them (not quite in a nonbinary way but it's there), two wlw, one of the characters has two dads. a character-driven book rather than plot-driven so it seems kind of slow BUT this is one of my all time faves...


if you end up enjoying The Long Way, there's two more books in the series about different characters. A Closed and Common Orbit is about an AI learning to exist in society and not in a ship, as well as a young version of another character escaping her horrible home planet. There's a genderfluid character, which is the only explicit LGBT rep in this one but I adore this book. this is also quite character-driven but theres also a really intruiging plot


Record of a Spaceborn Few is the latest book in the series. I haven't finished it yet, but there are old married lesbians and i love them and maybe more rep, I'm only like 25% in the book. This is about several people aboard the Exodan Fleet, a group of human-occupied ships. I'm missing the colorful casts of aliens but it's shaping up to be another great book.


The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth (realistic fiction) is SUCH a good book but also there's not a very happy ending and there's a lot of homophobia (cameron post gets sent to conversion therapy) and a description of self mutilation (not too too descriptive but i reaaally didnt enjoy it). also some mature content. but i LOVED this book. also there's a movie of it which i've heard is also very good! there's lots and lots of wlw, a two-spirit character, and it's quite a long book if that's what you like.


We Are Okay by Nina LaCour (realistic fiction) is a wonderful, somewhat confusing book. One of my all time faves. It's about the reconnection of friends after one of them loses her grandfather (who was her only family) and discovers secrets he's been hiding. There are flashback-esque chapters that reveal said secrets over time. The main character is a wlw. God i love this book.


Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli (realistic fiction) is about emails between two gay boys and how they end up falling in love. I'm a wlw so i can't vouch for everything Simon goes through but it's a fantastic book with great characters and accurately shows struggles of lgbt people. A really sweet book I love it.


Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli is the sequel to Simon vs. This one focuses on Leah, Simon's best friend who is bi. Another really good book and I'm not bi so i can't vouch for Everything leah goes through but its Really Good. i love it. so good.


finally some actual fantasy suggestions... Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and the sequel Crooked Kingdom. There's some bi rep and it's not a big thing at all but these books are. So Good. It's about some criminals who have to pull off an impossible heist, and ughguhughg its so good. There's magic and that's the fantasy part.


Not Your Sidekick and the rest of the series by C. B. Lee is a superhero book about. people with superpowers, which is a normal thing in this universe. The main character is the daughter of two superheros. A few wlw as well as a trans character; i havent read past Not Your Sidekick so there could be more.


Radio Silence by Alice Oseman (realistic fiction) is another GREAT book about a fan of a podcast who starts working with the podcast but things start to get out of hand. Main character is bi i think i forget. Mlm side characters, god  love this book.


If you're a fan of comics the Runaways comics are wonderful. They're Marvel comics so fantasy in the superpowers sense. A big found family, wonderful characters, and the newest run that started in 2017 is absolutely awesome! There's a good deal of wlw and a genderfluid character.


The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness is fantasy because there's some fantasy elements but this book focuses on the people who aren't part of the Big Narrative, so it reads more like a realistic fiction novel. There's a gay boy and I haven't reread this in a long time but I loved it so much and its really, really good.


My last rec is It's Not Like It's A Secret by Misa Sugiura (realistic fiction) which is about a girl moving to a new city and trying to fit in and also falling in love except its Complicated tm. The main romance is between two girls, lots of poc rep, a good read!

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The first book is called Eragon. The fight scenes are kind of detailed, but not all blood-guts-and-gory. It's very good if you like dragons, magic, elves, and dwarves and a centuries-old evil magic dragon rider. And some romance, especially in the second book of the cycle, Eldest.


I'm afraid it doesn't have anything to do with LGBTQ+ though.



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