what happened


what is this




is everything ok here???

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R O A S T Y  T O A S T Y 






hey if you could use they/them for me that would be great thanksssss i mean i'm not on here often anymore but shhshshshsh

(Copy and pasting this from another thread)


We were told that a forumer named Hurricane had gotten into a car crash and died. Her sister, nicknamed Maelstrom, took over her account for her. People started saying that her story didn't add up, and she confessed that Hurricane never actually died. As far as we know, Hurricane is in Wisconsin right now and is receiving mental treatment. More info on this at /338999


Some people have become infatuated with forum crushes and have been spamming their "love" for one another, which has annoyed several forumers with the sheer abundance of private threads.


Some issues have popped up with a forumer named Summer, more info can be found on the GGaD wiki, under Community>Recent blog posts. Just google "ggad wiki" and you'll find it.


Multiple prominent members of this forum have left, and people are rather demoralized right now. Some are convinced that this place is dying, but we'll have to see.

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78th Element, Pt.

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