Tarinia is a world ruled by dragons.

There are eight species, and they've lived in relative peace for the last century or so. These are the species;



These dragons have blue. grey or yellowish scales. Their wings are laced with tiny holes that allow them to fly in rough weather, and their bodies are sleek and agile, better allowing them to fly through storms.

Stormtalons can breathe lightning.  Very rarely, they are born with the ability to manipulate lightning, wind and rain. They are also very resistant to temperature shifts, lightning strikes and rough blows.

These stormy dragons are ruled by King Thunder and Queen Blizzard. They often have diplomatic meetings with their neighbors, the Darktalons.



These dragons have blue, green or turquoise scales, webs between their claws to help them swim, and gills. Their necks are longer then other dragons. shooting out suddenly to grab prey. Their bodies also have a very stream-lined shape that cuts through water like a knife.

Seatalons can see in the dark and have developed the ability to communicate telapathicly, because they cannot speak underwater. Very rarely, they are born with the ability to manipulate water.

These reclusive dragons are ruled by King Riptide and Queen Starfish. THey also have a council to advise the monarchs, but they are rarely paid attention to.



These dragons have pale yellow or gold scales that blend into their dessert homes. They also have a flat head with eyebrow ridges, as well as a venomous bite. Their eyes are almost always green, but rarely they can have golden splotches on them.

Sandtalons can survive up to a month without water, poison other dragons with a bite and breathe torrents of flame. Thanks to their coloration, these dragons can burrow into the sand and camouflage themselves Very rarely, they can create sandstorms and raise the temperature drasticcly.

These scattered dragons are ruled by Queen Cobra, but each oasis town has its own mayor, which answers only to the queen herself.



These dragons have purplish-black scales and scattered silver stars on the underside of their wings. They also have a forked black tongue and a frill of spikes running down their neck. These dragons have smoky grey or dark green eyes.

Darktalons can become invisible, but not insubstantial. They can also breathe fire. Very rarely. they are born with the ability to read minds, which is signified by red or gold eyes.

These shadowy dragons are ruled by King Shadow and Prince Moonstar. Rumor has it that Moonstar has the ability to read minds, but if anyone has been close enough to see his eye color, they aren't saying.



These dragons have red, gold or orange scales. Their scales are extremely small, which allows them greater movement. Even their tongues are coated in scales. Some Flametalons have a horn in the middle of their forhead, but it is a rare occurance.

Flame talons all have fire-proof scales and the hottest fire of all dragons. One in a hundred Flametalons has the ability to burst into flames and burn everything they touch to a crisp.

These hot-headed dragons are ruled by King Ember and Queen Inferno. Queen Inferno has firescales, and she has gathered all other dragons like her and formed an elite guard force.



These dragons have a mix of white and blue scales. They also have ridged claws to grip the ice and prevent them from splipping, and their tails are covered in whip-thin spikes.

Icetalons can witchstand sub-zero temperatures and bright lights. They also breathe out a unique icebreath.

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