just wondering because i can

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Elements are lightning and water!

call me Shard!


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better then most at Halo (realy good)





Not this again

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I'm freezing all threads solely about shipping other forumers that's outside of an RP context. Shipping is fun when it's about fantasy characters and OCs, but when you start shipping each other as real people it's inappropriate for the MB. Often ppl end up shipped without prior consent, and it's unsafe as you can't be sure who someone really is. Forumfics are a grey area but I consider them fine since you're a story version of yourself and you can easily plan in advance if your persona is ok being shipped, if folks start using them to *only* ship though I'll have to revisit that.


This is a relatively new thing (see my "new rules & being safe" sticky post) so no worries if you didn't know! To be clear- it's posts solely about being shipped/polls about ships/matchmaking threads etc I will freeze. Mentions to shipping in passing or as a joke are fine. There are also some ships that are already in people's siggy's from before this rule as well as old posts, I'm not gonna go through and remove those unless they get bumped or become current issues. 



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Wings of Fire Book #12: The Hive Queen....it's out now!!

i like turtles

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