Hello, everyone! This post will be a little different than the others, because it`s been a while since my last PA Club post, and I don`t have any reports ready. So, we`ll have a low-key, shorter version of a regular PA Club post.


For those of you who have never seen these posts before, this is my club. It started out as an Acting Club, but then I thought, why not turn it into a Performing Arts Club, so more people can join, and I do more than just acting? So, usually I have reports on Music, Acting, Singing, Dancing, and Broadway, but I need to gather reports for next Tuesday`s post. We sometimes have an interview, where I will pick a PA person to interview, and it will be featured in my upcoming PA post!




1. FairyMermaid4613

2. VioletMonkey8


4. FightingFreya7

5. TealButterfly297

6. Bookancer5

7. AquaAqua3424

8. Bastartemis40

9. DolphinStrawberry110

10. LavendarUnicorn1242

11. TealBasketball129

12. DressOptimistic21

13. SportsDrama21

14. AmazingWriting27

15. LightningVampire304



1. FanWings38

2. TsunamiDragon1628

3. AquaUnicorn2968

4. BreakingUnderground8

5. KittenDragon3542

6. DragonCat8962



-A Few PA This or Thats-


Acting- Rehearsals or Shows? 


Dancing- Pointe or Ballet?  Tap or Jazz?


Singing- Musical Theatre songs or Pop songs?


Music- Piano or Violin? 



That`s pretty much it. But a few articles of News:


We are open to any Tips you might have on Dancing, Singing, Acting, or Music. They will be featured in the next couple of posts, depending on how many I get.


If you have any cool this or that questions I can put in every post, please tell me! I had a lot for today, since that was pretty much all I did. But I will feature two or three PA This or Thats every week.


Please join, and comment! Thank you for reading this!






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