I realized that there is a lot of new people here that I haven`t met, or haven`t spent the time to get to know them. So, here, I will kindly ask anyone at all to name some of their hobbies, favorite movies, podcasts, etc., or favorite foods, you get the point. Here I go! Let`s make some friends!


I am OBSESSED with Musical Theatre.

Sewing, Cross-Stitching, Baking, Reading, and the Performing Arts are a few of my hobbies.

I really enjoy listening to "Wow in the World" podcasts.


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Princess of the AGMB

Currently in Once on This Island Jr.!


Plays I`ve Been In:

Galactic Starveyors -  Mary Jane

Honk! Jr. -  Betty/Froglet


"Blossom by blossom the Spring begins."

      -Algernon Charles Swinburne-  


I just joined a half hour ago lol. 

Ima girl, I like mountain biking, I love dragons, I love drawing and reading, I am into insects - especially Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths and skippers) and I do pin them- but I freeze them humanely. I like math, I’m autistic, I have no friends, I’m bisexual, um yeah. I know a lot about butterflies, so if you want a cool slim wing OC then ask me. (I took the blue triangle and the queen alexandra’s Birdwing) 

i hope I didn’t come on to bluntly or socially awkward, or if people hate me cause I freeze butterflies. U seem like a very kind person, and I would enjoy to be friends with you. 

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My OCs








FORUM SISSES + BROS: Fallon, Singularity, Stormbringer, Drago, Marine

 slightly autistic, bisexual



Welp my siggy pretty much explains my life...

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Marine Fangirl Nerd



Fangirl + Nerd = A Blue Banana 

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