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Hello, Tiger here!


This is a new idea I came up with (actually this is an RP I made originallly rebooted) . I was originally going to do it as a story then an RP, but I am doing it the other way around this time...


Here is the background story/description:


Imagine you just went to bed. You were dreaming, then something that happened in your dream made you want to change what happened.


Then, you are transported to the "True Realm". You learn that you can control your actions in your dreams, and how your "dreams" are actually your new "awake" state. 


You are required to join a clan (Will give more details on that on the form), and you get three super-powers of your choice.


However, as you enter, you learn that the Modern Clan has formed an alliance with the Extra-terrestrial Clan and they plan to start a war against the Medieval Clan over territory, and the Medieval (Think knights and castles if you don't know what that is) Clan is forced to try to form an alliance with the Monster Clan as that is their only hope.


Rules: The rules of any RP, and no controlling others characters without their permission


Here is the form:








Favorite weapons: (Please do weapons apporpriate for clan, and take out parenthesis)


Clan: (Modern, Extra-terrestrial, Medieval, and Monster; Choose one, go to description for details on their plot-role)


Powers: Choose three from the list below this form, doesn't matter if someone already has that power)




Crush: Optional (LGBTQ+ available, what whether that or straight you need to get permission from the owner of your "crush")


Sexuality: (LGBTQ+ Allowed)




Power list:


Storm (Lighting, electricity, some-water manipulation, flying, hurricanes when paired with a water power or person using it, and tornadoes {every once in a while} to prevent OP-ness)


Fire (Heat, Fireballs, other common fire characteristics)


Water (Hurricanes when paired with a storm power or person-using it, water-manipulation, put out fires and floods every once in a while to prevent OP-ness)


Ice (Freeze things, put out fires, freeze people, make paths out of ice)


In-vulnerability (In-vulnerable to most attacks, to prevent this from being OP you are only partially invulnerable to other powers' atttacks)


Super-strength (Super strength, able to hold buildings up, super-powered attacks, however not invulnerable...)


Magic (Flying, creating duplicates of things or people, including your self, creating temporary shields, and when paired with Storm or Water can make giant thunderstorms and hurricanes


Super-speed (names says it all, not time-going through like the Flash)


Here is my form:


Name: Rex Rorth


Appearance: Short, black hair (look up "short hair men" on google and go the picture on the right of the very top-left), muscular with a six-pack, and long legs.


Background: He came from a caring family and is skilled in swords (specifically Kendo) before he entered the "True Realm". He is righteous, loyal to what he thinks is right, and has never had a crush in his life (so far, things could change)...


Favorite weapon: Sword


Clan: Medieval


Powers: Magic, Storm and Ice


Age: 16 years old


Crush: Open


Sexuality: Straight Male


Other: Nothing


I hope you like it and please join!


Saves last 3 days (that means you can't have the same three power combo as someone else), and resaves last 2 days.


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Here is the prologue I have created:


Ryan, the king of the Medieval Clan, walked into The Central. He watched as the Modern Clan’s king, Josh also walked in. 


The room was lit by torches on the Medieval and Monster Clans’ sides of the room, which their king sat in a seat in the front of their side, while the Modern and Extra-Terrestrial clans kings sat in the same manner, but their Clans’ sides were lit by bright light bulbs, emitting orangish-yelllow light. 


“Don’t you know what we are discussing today?” Josh sharply asked as soon as he sat down.


“What?” Ryan raised an eyebrow.


“Territory.” The citizens that came to watch this meeting gasped.


“And why isn’t the Monster Clan King here?” Josh added.


“Their Clan’s king just died subduing their rebellion, they are discussing who would be their new king,” Ryan answered, “And why isn’t the Extra-Terrestrial Clan King not here yet? Or any of their people?” Ryan felt something suspicious about the meeting today.


“Uh…uh…” Josh had a difficult time finding a worthy excuse, “They are having their own dispute within their clan,” he hastily said.


“I see,” Ryan said calmly.


“As we were talking about earlier, territory,” Josh stood up and put his hands on the metal table in front of him.


“What about it?” Ryan tried his best to keep calm.


“As we have asked you and the now deceased King Erth of the Monster Clan, our population is growing, and we need more room to build new cities to house them all. However, King Erth didn’t even reply, and you only requested to discuss this here, at The Central,” Josh took a breath, “What needs to be discussed about it?”


“The fact that you want to take our and the Monster Clan’s territory,” Ryan said, “Why should we be obligated to let you take some of our territory for our own use?"


Josh had a hard time responding without revealing his master plan. “Would you like the millions of Modern Clan citizens be left without housing and live a terrible life?”


“No, but you could make more housing available in your cities. I feel that this discussion is done, I will take my leave.”


“Send the army to Kemari Village,” Josh whispered into the comlink hidden by his hair.

“Turn on the TV facing the Medieval Clan’s side,” Josh said with a smirk, “Please.”


As the TV was turned on, the sound of an army marching and flying vehicles intrigued Ryan, and made him turn around.


On the TV, the Modern Clan’s Current High-General (The Highest General in the army), told his army, “We must be already attacking Kemari Village by sunset, King’s orders.”


“Yes sir,” the ranks of troops said as they marched.


“You,” Ryan pointed his finger at Josh while the other man smirked, “You, have officially declared war against the Medieval and Monster Clans. And the Medieval Clan, will forever stand in your way.”


“Guards, capture the Medieval Clan’s King,” Josh managed to say calmly, pointing his finger at the other man.


Dozens of Modern and Extra-Terrestrial soldiers charged at the Medieval Clan people in The Central. However, most of them wielded Extra-Terrestrial weapons.


“That’s what they were doing,” thought Ryan, “They formed an alliance with the Extra-Terrestrial Clan against us!”


“Fight back!” Ryan yelled.


As the enemy soldiers rushed them, and Ryan realized the Medieval Clan was going to be outnumbered, he whispered the Captain of the Medieval Clan Guard, “Take the guard and try to defend Kemari Village, and find a worthy new king for our Medieval Clan, someone that is a newcomer to the True Realm.”


“But sir, we are required to stay with you!” Harituri, the Captain of the Guard said while fighting single-handedly.


“No, you and the guard must go! You must defend the new king while the learns the rules of the True Realm! We are natives, but since the people of the “Dreams” isolated themselves and their children from us, things have changed.”


Harituri called the guard together, and they left swiftly, and as soon as they got out of The Central and out the door, Ryan created a magic bolt, threw it in between the doors and closed them in a blinding, purple light.




Btw Ryan is dead, if it is not clear enough in the prologue; he died sacrificing himself so that the guard can find a new king


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“In times of darkness, conjure Lumos. - Tiger


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