Basically, continue the story. Do @[TheLastPerson’sUsernameOrNickname] when you continue someone, so it doesn’t get confusing who your continuing if posts are late. No sign-up, continue the last person.Please use your own characters. A RainWing color guide at the end of the post. 


Canopy yawned, awaking to the sunlight that came through her leaf window. Her scales changed to a pleasant gold with lavender speckles.


Red: Angry
Orange: Irritated, Frustrated
Gold: Happy, Excited, Jubilant
Yellow: Amused, Surprised, Pleased
Green: Worried, Displeased, Annoyed,
Dark Green: Aloof, calm, irritated
Pale Green: Fearful, Terrified
Acid Green: Shock, Disbelief
Blue: Calm, Curious
Light Blue: Sad
Indigo: Proud, Determined
Orangey Purple: Confused, Thoughtful
Dark purple: Shameful, Guilty
Violet: Awed, Prideful, Moody
Lavender: Delighted
Pink-Rose: Joyful, Happy, In Love
Light Pink-Rose: Embarrassed
Hot Pink: Happy
White: In Pain, Sick
Dark Gray: Sorrowful
Blue-Gray: Depressed, Despairing
Brown: Stressed
Black: Upset, Hatred


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