what happened this season?

like, the dynamic was cool.

the animation was amazing.

the art? astonishing.

the writing--not so much.


okay, to start off, allurance was boring, along with everything having to do with allura. i mean, i sat through hours upon hours watching a sappy love story and allura's constant struggle of being the most powerful. i also sat and screamed at my tv for her to not unleash the entidy, but what did she do? she released it. lance was the only reasonable one, and she should have listened. they would have still found honerva. and, i'm sorry, allurance shippers, but it was really forced. i don't care how sweet it was, the story really should have gone without it.


honerva's character and story was actually pretty good. she wanted to go back to fix her life, and for her family to love her again.


i have more to say, but i can't really say a lot about it right now. i'm just, stunned.

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