Long story short, I'm writing another story and I need characters since it takes place in an academy where there are lots of people and I need other students besides my main characters. All of these characters at said Academy are one of six types of magician-


Alchemists: have the ability to transform matter into different matter, minor elemental powers 


Charmers: have the ability to enchant inanimate objects to do their bidding. 


Diviners: have the ability to see the future, prophets


Shifters: have the ability to change their own appearance will


Bestials: have the ability to talk to and easily train animals


Saviors: (rarest type, I will only accept a few of these) have the ability to cure wounds and diseases, potent healing magic



so yeah, if you all could help me make OCs that would be great. FYI, don't worry about clothes when it comes to appearance, the kids at the school wear uniforms. Also, it's a high school, so characters will be ages 14-18.

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"Aw, Deathknights!" 


TotS: Maddio, level 60 Archer




Name: Rose {Insert last name} (Uhhh, horrible at last names here.)


Sex: Female


Age: 16


Class: Alchemist


Backstory: (I'll leave this up to you, so you can do whatever)


Other: She likes cats.


Appearance: She has bright red hair and dark green eyes. (Don't know what the outfits look like, so I can skip over those!) She usually carries a little pink purse with her. Her skin is slightly tanned and she's about the average size of a normal 16 year old.


Personality: Very smart, she loves books. She can snap sometimes if you interrupt her from reading.



(I hope unnatural hair colors are fine, because her hair is a bright, bright red, like this.


Well, I hope this helps with your story!

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