I thought that with me having 1,000 stars would make it that my RP would be more poular but you'know it doesn't I'm not angry at any of you but myself I'm not sure if it's popularity or that people just don't see my RP as good or they're not into the same theme as me, when I make one I'm proud of no one joins, but when I make on I'm not proud of people join but only about 5, at the most. I know I lot of RP's that a lot people join and then It dies, but I'd rather have that then have no one join(Don't take this seriously I'm not angry at any of you)

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I was challenged by a peer

To rhyme until the morrow near

So if you read my words in rhyme

Don't worry; it is just this time!


Don't be angry at yourself,

I can't run RP's myself.

Maybe you should make a thread

Asking who would want to join?

Then some forumers would have read

About the roleplay, and would join.


On a side note, I'd like to say

Congrats on reaching 1000 stars!

Again, don't blame yourself, don't, please.

And one more thing: Have a nice day!

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