I'm back. So I guess I'll just post whatever I want whenever I feel like it on here.  I've been gone mostly due to some personal projects and stuff, but it's good to be back and not just stalking or ignoring the tab I have open on this site. I've made quite a lot of characters and creatures for stories and I figured why not describe them here and actually use them for something other than storytelling. So I decided to start with Ajac, who is from a weird collaboration story thing that me and my buds did a while back. Ajac has a wide knowledge about plants and animals. He only kept one animal he helped, a shadow creature named Kezo. Kezo is usually in the form of a wolf, which has black fur and pale blue eyes. A shadow creature is basically a shapeshifter that can turn into different types of animals. Shadow creatures are as the name implies, made of shadows that were given life and a physical form by magic, so whatever animal they take the form of will have black fur/scales/skin. A shadow creature’s eyes are a pale color.

Hello. I am Ajac and this is my friend, Kezo. I suppose that Scar has already spoke about me, so I’ll just be over here.

Really, man? You’re just gonna stand there.

What else would I do? I have already fed the animals and given the medical bay animals their treatment.

Can’t you just talk about yourself or one of those animals you helped?

Fine, I suppose I could do that. I, Ajac, spent two years on the run for minorly injuring a poacher, who had injured a young shadow creature, which are hard to find due to their elusive nature. I took care of the creature until I was able to release it back into the wild, but it refused to leave. So I continued to care for it and gave it the name Kezo. Eventually I ran into a group of outlaws, who too were running from the law for mediocre things. I joined the group and continued my work of helping animals and ended up having to care of them as well. They have a knack for getting into trouble and getting on my nerves. We ended up getting caught, but the judge allowed us to tell our sides of the story. Most of us were pardoned or let off with a minor punishment. After that, I settled down and opened up an animal hospital and sanctuary, where I care for injured animals I find and those that people have brought to me. Certain animals are unfit to be released into the wild usually end up living with me for the rest of their life or are adopted into families. Of course I do take time to check up on those adopted whenever I can. I often give my thanks to the volunteers and the few workers I have, since they allow me to have more free time. I believe that is all, unless you wish for me to tell a much more detailed version.

That’s fine. I feel like I might do this sort of thing with other characters.(I totally didn’t already start another one) I’d add more, but this post is getting long. I’ll just make another post once this goes up. That one will probably be random stuff like most of my posts.

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