We're putting our old dog down on Monday


She's been a major part of my childhood. I can't remember a time without her because there never was one. She's 16. Older than me by a whole year. She's been in the family since she was a puppy.


I'm sorry if this is too dramatic or dark or personal for the forums. I don't know. I haven't been on in forever but I remember people would come here for comfort whenever something like this would happen. I feel like maybe this will help me process it?


My mind honestly still can't believe it. I can't believe she's not gonna be here next Monday night. I've never had to do this before? I hate it?


She's old. Her body's breaking down and she's never getting better. She needs pain medication. There's no doubt its time.


She's just so tough. She never gives in or shows pain.


She's an old fashioned American Pit Bull. Not a mix or a modern bully dog bred for extreme features. She's been judged unfairly and many places that accept other dogs with open arms turn her away, but she's honestly one of the kindest and sweetest and most loyal and friendly and stubborn dogs ever. Nobody who's ever met her can deny that.


My family isn't religious. I'm not religious. But if there's a better place, I know she's going there, and if there isn't she'll at least be free from the aches and pains and hardships of old age and her failing body.


I'm crying. I hate this. I'm sorry


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March 29, 2017

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Oh.. no..

Its okay.. I once had to put down a dog of my own, her name was Lucy. She was so kind and sweet and snuggly.. but then, one day.. the doctor said she had to go. But you know it’s alright.. she’s going to a better place now. A place where she is gone of pain. And she will be watching down on you, laughing as you sob. Because she will say “I’m still here, silly. I’m up here.” So whenever you miss her, look to the clouds and smile. Because that is where she is. And she will always be there. Always. In your heart. So it’s okay.. be brave. She always loves you. 

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This sounds very fake and cringey but...I'm sorry. I hope that she does find that place, and that she'll always be your companion and by your side no matter what happens.



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(I'm sorry if this sounds weird, I'm bad with emotions)


I'm so sorry, I understand how it feels. I've lost a lot of pets since they needed to be put down. You're also right, Pit Bulls are sweet puppies that don't deserve their hate. I also understand the painful wondering if there going to go somewhere, and if you'll see them again.. I've seen one of my dogs as a ghost every summer, and I believe one of my cats got reincarnated, so there might be an Other Side, even if it's more like The Good Place than Heaven*.

If there's any advice you need, or any hugs you want, I'm here. *Huggles*


*I'm religiously ambigous (My family is Christian) , not really anything, including atheist, so I guess I'm religionless-ish.

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Kite, I’m so sorry this is happening to you. At least you know she won’t be suffering once she passes. I’ve experienced a few animal deaths before and I know what it’s like just know she’ll be free of her pain when she goes. If you ever need to talk I’m always here for you. 

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I'm sorry. But no matter how tough she is, how much she seems to never show it, she was in pain, and when she gets to that better place, she'll be free of that. Letting go of dogs is hard, but you have to remember that it was doing her a service, because when dogs are that old, every second hurts.

I had a dog. She was 14, and in her younger days, she could hop fences. But now, she could barely walk up the stairs. She was getting old, and cranky, and you could see it all in her eyes. So when we put her down, I was still sad, but now I have to remind myself that she was going to a better place, and in that place, she would be young, and beautiful, and she would no longer be in pain with every step.

I'm actually breaking down writing this, but I hope this helps.

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oh, Kite *huggle*


Losing a pet is never easy. I know. I've lost more than thirty, no joke. Nearing forty if you count the ones that didn't die but we had to give away. I know how tangible loss can feel. I promise you, the pain fades. You start being able to remember and smile instead of remember and cry. It's okay to hurt. You honor her by feeling her loss. But remember that it will. Get. Better. I promise. 

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Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for you. I've only had my dog for 3-4 years, but I can't imagine what I'd do if she died. It's not too dramatic or dark or personal for the forums, and you absolutely don't need to apologize for making a post on this. You are absolutely right; your dog is going to go on to a place where she won't be able to feel pain, and I hope you and your family get through this. 

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