So. I went on CoL to post my WIP of Irisa. I had stated the night before that I would be sending it. Everything was normal until I saw one of the mods comments. It was on my oc. I hadn't even posted her yet! I had got offline after I posted it. The mod had said their was something inappropriate about her form, and I said, "How do you know? I haven't even posted it yet." There was nothing inappropriate about my beans appearance. There wasn't even evidence of the Oc's form coming through. She even said Irisa didn't have a detailed personality. I'm almost done with her personality! It's over two pages long! Okay, at that point, I'm just gonna summerize her personality :b. Anyways, I'm concerned and confused...

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Seeker, I have screenshots of the form you sent through. It was deleted because multiple people, including myself, reported it.


The appearance was inappropriate because you were too thorough about it, particularly when describing her chest and thighs


This is what I received for personality: 


Good Traits- Iris is a highly social person. Even though she acts tough and pushes others around, she can also be quite cheerful and/or helpful in groups.

Neutral Traits-

Bad Traits-




Best at-

Worst at-

how they feel of others-

what they think others feel of them-

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I typically like to stay out of form acceptance disputes but this is clearly escalating and a lot of it is due to filter nonsense. Necro and Hiraeth were trying to explain in the sign-ups thread, but their posts keep getting caught in the filter.


@Seeker Your post also was reported a few times which hides from the thread - this could easily seem like it hadn't come through the filter or hadn't been sent if you hadn't seen it successfully post in the thread.


There were some aspects of your character's physical description that they thought went uncomfortably in-depth and sexualized her in a way that's inappropriate for the forum. Reading it, I can see their point when it comes to the description of her chest/legs/clothing, especially mentioning what men fancy. I understand wanting to make a super vivid description, and it's certainly well written, but I hope if you re-read it with this perspective in mind you'll see where they're coming from. 

@Hiraeth and Necro, I truly think Seeker is confused here because she didn't see her post in the thread. Please talk it out and you can discuss necessary edits and whatever else. 

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