Here type in your  wings of fire oc name and tribe and a little bit of their backstory.

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Tribe: Nightwing (half Rainwing)

Name: Queen Lyra 

Job: Queen 

Mother: Queen Orion 

Father: King Draco 

Dragonets: Queen Aquila, Prince Crux, Princess Cygnus.

Mate: Alpha (Nightwing)

Little bit of backstory: Queen Lyra was stolen from the rainforest by her Nightwing mother. She didn't find out anything about her past until she was 4. She did well in school but the other students and the teachers bullied her for being half Rainwing. One day she got so mad she decided to challenge her mother for the throne and won by using her venom. She mated with Alpha of the Nightwings. When Alpha found out she was half Rainwing he abandoned her. She was killed in a battle for the throne.

Note: All of these dragons were named after constellations except for Alpha. He was named after a star. :)


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Crow is a Nightwings/Skywing hybrid orphan. She was raised in a rough sort of town by a Rainwing/Sandwing hybrid named Maggie and is super attracted to shiny things. Her future husband is named Prince Sunbeam of the Sandwings. 

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I don’t really have a main oc now, but back in the day I had Wildfire and Skitter. 

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So that we're clear, you asked for it. I wrote three books about mine.


Name: Nightfall

Tribe: Night/Ice

Weird fact: started as a winterwatcher ship child, but then I made her new parents while planning for her first book and now her parents names are Snowball and Obsidian

Backstory (prepare yourself): she was born outside the ice kingdom and as a child she looked like a normal nightwing until ice spikes started growing on her back and she realized she was different. Eventually, some icewings find the family, kill her family, and blind her in an attempt to kill her because hybrid prejudice. She ends up living and escapes, and then she finds a hut on a beach and meets a few friends. She eventually meets an animus who heals her vision and she ends up living happily with one of her friends turned mate


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Tribe: NightWing/SeaWing.

Name: Blu.

Age: Twenty seven.

Gender: Male.

Job: Hatchery Guard for Queen Coral.

Mother: Unknown.

Father: Unknown. (He’s an orphan.)

Dragonets: Kittiwake the SeaWing/NightWing.

Mate: Reef the SeaWing.

Little bit of backstory: Blu was abandoned in the sea, as an orphan, with no home. He was never adopted, though he lived a normal life. Some of the time he fought in the war for Blister, other times he guarded the hatchery doors. One day, he met a criminal named Reef, and he fell in love. She hated Queen Coral, he hated her too. She stole, he supported her. She wanted to kill Blister, he helped her plan. That’s how much he loved her, by helping her attempt murder to Blister and Queen Coral, the woman he pledged his loyalty to, before he met Reef. But one day, on Kittiwake’s hatching day, Reef was killed by Shark and the bounty was taken off her dead body. 

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Name: Nightfire

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 13

Tribe: Hybrid Nightwing/Skywing

Appearance: Has pure black scales with two silver streaks that run in a crisscross on his back. Has very thin wings, due to a growth deformity during his hatching. He can fold up these wings and beat back attackers with them. He has piercing blue eyes, with red pupils.

Personality: Snippy and short tempered, he is a dragon with good intentions, but not many dragons like him because he tends to lash out. Very rash, and doesn't think things through.

*General Information (such as backstory): His parents are part of the talons of peace and they sent him to Honeycomb to develop some social skills. 

*Extra powers: can see all futures involving himself, and can sense emotions. (like a weaker form of mind reading)

Other: PoV


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