What's your problem this time?


I think you already know.


The girl?




She isn't the problem, you are. That is, if you're wrong about your suspicions.


Are you trying to worry me?


Why would I try to worry you? If I wanted to, I could leave right this second. Don't test me.


All right, fine. Just help me.


Well, let's see. First off, you're doubting her authenticity. You feel as if her emotions aren't real.


Yeah, tell me something I don't know.


You, for some reason, believe that the person you know is some sort of joke. Someone who exists simply to hurt you.




But if she does love you, then you want to cherish that. You want to be on her mind as much as possible. You hunger for that feeling.


You're reciting everything I told you in my previous visits. Get on with it.


I swear, you talk back to me one more time and you'll never see me again.


Yeah, sure. You've said that before.


You crave her attention, her emotions. You want her to be yours and only yours until the end of time.




What, do you have something new to tell me?




Spill the beans.


If I'm with her forever, then I miss all the other opportunities. There could be dozens of people I will never meet because of her.


Oh, is that it? You want them all, do you? Greed is not a healthy trait, I assure you.


I know, but I can't shake the feeling.


What feeling? The feeling of knowing that there could be better people out there, waiting for her? People who would take better care of her? People that she would love more than she loves you?


Exactly. You speak in a crude manner, but you're correct.


You're mighty confusing. All the emotions jumbled up inside of you, it's not healthy.


Since when do you care about my health?


Who said I did? I care for few things, and your health surely isn't one of them.


Can we get back on track?


Oh, now you want answers? Look at you, all sophisticated and eager.








No. It's not fine.


She poured her heart out to you. She says you're curing her depression. Yet, you still believe that she's out to get you.


You think that you're so important, and that everyone has a reason to hurt you. Well, that's not true.


Why can't you trust her? All the trauma she went through, all the people who have betrayed her.


You're the first one she lets into her heart in YEARS, and you DOUBT her?


God, you're arrogant. We're done here.


Until next time.

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78th Element, Pt.

Homethread: /344630



"Never been a perfect soul, but I will not apologize."


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 Hey, guys. I know this is going through tough, but we will stick through this together. I have my fam, and they have me, but right now, we are ALL family.

Main fam: Nim, Ocean, Legacy


Pretty cool story so far! :)

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Not my real name, but call me


"No matter what happens, there's always something good, because hope never dies!" ~ Sparky

A good quote from Vamporizer:



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wait wut is this?

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  She | her | SandWing


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  "We arnot doing get help."


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 We just want to change everything!"


 A Talon in Three Worlds: /353086

I read the title as "Sines".


...Help me, Geometry's mind-controlling me.


Great story thus far! (If I'm interpreting it correctly and it's a story, that is...)



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We never know all the chances we lost

Until we lose them


~I guess it's almost time to say...




Sloth, answer me.


I know you can hear me.




Let's keep talking.




I still need your help. Plus, what else is there for you to do?


Okay, sure. Let's talk. Whatever.




Do you even love her?


I think so, but I can't even tell at this point.


What do you mean "I can't tell"? It's not complicated, either you do or you don't. Why can't you see that?


It's not that simple.


Enlighten me, then.


From the point where she started to open up to me, and made her feelings obvious, I cared. I loved her. But now, I'm not so sure.


That doesn't make sense.


I loved her, and then suddenly, I stopped. It just disappeared. My cursed brain came up with all these things that could be going on, and ruined it for me.


What do you want me to do about that?


I don't want you to do anything about it directly, I just want you to help me sort myself out.


I don't think I even want to. I'd rather watch you try, and fail.


Real nice. You've been stuck with me for how many years now, and yet you still don't care.


I don't have much reason to. You used to pride yourself on being a lady killer. You'd always think about how every female you befriended developed feelings for you at some point. It made you feel great. I have to admit, it was impressive, for the likes of you.


Now it's backfiring, and you feel sorry for yourself.


Don't bring that up. I hate it.


I think you need to actually do something, instead of worrying all the time. Ask her some questions. 


What questions?


The questions that you've been wanting to ask her, genius. Don't play dumb with me.


So you want me to go up to her and ask her if this whole thing is a prank? A trick? You want me to shatter her trust in me?


It's not like you'd even try anything else.


And you can't think of any other options?


To be frank, I don't want to put the effort into it.


Oh, yeah, real considerate.


It's such a simple situation. It shouldn't require any effort. You have a pretty, smart, funny, caring girl enraptured by you, and you got yourself into this situation you deem "terrible".


She genuinely loves you. Every single conversation, she tells you that. She lusts for you, and you still reserve yourself.


I'm not going to fight with you this time. I've been feeling very empty and you're not helping.


I hate this part of you. Other guys would kill to be in your position, to be loved by her. You are so unbelievably inconsiderate.


For Christ's sake. If you're so conflicted, and so wary of her, why don't you just cut it off?


That would destroy her. She would fall so deep into her depression that I don't think she'd be able to climb back out. If I do that, she might not be alive this time next month.


Maybe your feelings will come back. That's happened before, hasn't it? With the previous one?


Yeah, but that was different. I wasn't such an anxious moron back then.


Oh, yeah. You weren't anxious, but you were certainly a moron.


I'm just going to end this before you get even more aggressive. Goodbye.

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78th Element, Pt.

Homethread: /344630



"Never been a perfect soul, but I will not apologize."

Intriguing story, mate!

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-Joined summer 2016

Ooh, I'm liking where this is headed so far! *eating popcorn* NEEDS MOAR SINS

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Bєℓιєνє what you want to вєℓιєνє.

Say what you want to say.

Feel what you want to feel.

Be what you want to be.


I'm proud to be bisexual.


Don't tell me to "die it down"

when I can "live it up."


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You should go to sleep.


I know.


Then why don't you?


I have no clue.


Christ almighty, you're so painfully confusing. I will never understand why you do the things you do.


Nor will I. For some reason, I'd rather sit here and entertain myself with meaningless videos and tasks instead of sleeping.


Yet, you always tell yourself that you'll "go to bed earlier tonight". You never do though. 


Of course not. You know me, and my severe lack of willpower when it comes to anything important.


Yeah, I do, sadly. Maybe one of these days you'll get a hold of yourself.


I hope so. That would be nice, wouldn't it? Maybe I'd get a break from your constant nagging.


I'm being serious. A few of the problems that you constantly whine about would be fixed if you just maintained a normal sleep schedule.


Oh? And what problems do you speak of?


One of them sticks out like a sore thumb. Once you're alone with your thoughts, you slowly fill yourself with hatred. Remember last night, when you were violently insulting yourself?


Yes. How could I forget?


I'm going to admit, that was hilarious. I've never seen someone go off on themselves like that. Anyways, if you go to bed earlier, then you won't reach that point.


You might think it was funny, but I know she wouldn't.


She's always on your mind, isn't she?


As if that's even a question. Of course she is.


Have you finally sorted out your feelings about her?


I think so. No more doubt, but my emotions aren't as strong as I'd like them to be. Time should help with that, though.


So instead of doubting her, you're now doubting yourself? 


I've always doubted myself. I always seem to find a way to ruin the things that make me happy. Matter of fact, it's probably not going to be long before I say the wrong thing, or ask the wrong question, and she starts to dislike me.


That thought hurts you. But you say that your emotions aren't as strong as you'd like them to be?


I don't know any more, man. I love her, but in a dull, empty manner. I've never felt this before. I want to spend the rest of my life with her, but I know it probably won't end that way.


You're not wrong. Statistics go against your hopes for the future.


I'm quite aware. Part of me wants to cut it off now, but if I hurt her that much, then I'd hate myself even more than I do now.


I'd rather not get into this conversation again. It's 5:33 AM. You should go to sleep.


All right, fine. I'll go to sleep. But we're going to talk more tomorrow, you can be sure of that.


Oh, my. I can't wait. More of your stupid rambling, all to myself.



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78th Element, Pt.

Homethread: /344630



"Never been a perfect soul, but I will not apologize."