⇢What is it about?:


Guardian of the runes. Oh, what? guardian? My dear, excuse me? IT'S ONLY A TITLE. Everyone many people have a rune. They must protect their rune. The higher levels have more power from the rune, but the lower levels have less power. Some don't actually have a rune. These are called lessers. The lessers are powerless in the rune basis, but have powers in other ways. It's not like the rune people know this, they don't know that the "lessers" might have a higher type of power than them. That's not the point though. The lessers are attacking the runes. Oh, I mean, were attacking the runes. Now, lessers are nearly extinct. Well, that's what the rune people think. The lessers have their own place now, hopefully safe from the others.


⇢The Runes:


okay. I'm still doing research. If you would like to join in on the cause, summon me, or ask to summon a group of people.

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 Hey, guys. I know this is going through tough, but we will stick through this together. I have my fam, and they have me, but right now, we are ALL family.

Main fam: Nim, Ocean, Legacy