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“You keep comparing me to the Pride of Deep Waters. I’d be flattered if I didn’t teach them all. None could meet my expectations.” The prince says, the barest hint of a snarl only snapping up at the edges of the words- words you had said, earlier. 


You still- shrinking down, adverting your gaze as not to anger the prince's temper. You were sure that Prenrey didn't know of your plan- the entire pride's plan pf splitting; making a new, better pride. 


You glance to your best friend, lingering near the edge of the court. Prenrey hisses, bearing his teeth at you as he circles around to stare at you. "You are a traitor to my honourable pride. Leave, and never come back, Exile."


A grin tugs at the edge of your maw. Turning, you snarl into the open air. "Pride! Do you think you can get rid of me? A newer, better Pride shall form! Come with me and you shall not suffer!" 


And with that, you turn, chased off by the prince's executioners. 

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