First... It was just when I was walking normally, but now it seems to not be happening.


Second... I can't scroll on the News feed, which limits me to seeing the first post and part of the second.

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I found a bug.

In Wings of Fire Island, if you do the Scavenger Hunt, you cannot collect any of the items. However, it does reward you with 100 Tokens and a shirt, neither of which you actually recieve.

I am not sure if this has been reported, but if it has, another report can't hurt, right?

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i have tryed private mode but it will not work i am using ios

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So I decided to make a clear list of all of the glitches and potential improvements I've seen thus far. I've put the most vital things at the top and the smaller, less important ones at the bottom.



-In Newsfeed, sometimes a post will say it has a comment on it, but when the thread is opened no comment appears. However I do not know if this is because the comments are simply not showing up, or there was no comment to begin with and the post's information was incorrect.

-Whenever someone tries to make a new instance, it is shown in the options that it has been selected and a name has been given to it. However, upon closing the options menu no new instance is actually generated. With only one instance, chat can become cluttered if people are trying to say or do different things at the same time.

-On PC, not mobile, comic images are blurry and zoomed-in. This can cause text to be hard to read and/or go off the edge of the image.

-Whenever I heart a post, log off, and log back on to Homebase, any posts I hearted will have unhearted themselves somehow. The heart is no longer selected, and the heart count goes down.

-In the Dactyl Hill Squad runner game, upon loading you are taken directly to the game over screen. The game can still be played by pressing retry, but you don't get the chance to see the rules or controls beforehand.

-Once while I was playing Speedwings, the course was much, much shorter than it normally is, with each lap taking barely a couple seconds to complete (at least, once I got a hang of the controls). I thought it was a one-time bug, though judging from the highest Speedwings score I suspect it may have happened to others.



Potential Improvements

-The most vital improvement I would say Homebase needs is simply accessibility. The number of forumers unable to access Homebase is concerning, to say the least, and there is no point in having a cool game or interesting Newsfeed if only a few people can access it.

-Making Newsfeed more forum-like in terms of UI (post titles, at least,) as opposed to the current setup of scrolling through each and every post. I'm not gonna get too specific here, as the problem (hard to use user interface) is a pretty general problem that could probably have multiple solutions.

-It can get difficult to click and drag through every post, especially on PCs. Maybe a scrollbar could be implemented?

-Bookmarked posts seem to be ordered from oldest to newest instead of newest to oldest, which seems impractical. Switching the order around would be appreciated.

-While a minor thing, and something that has already been stated and restated, a tag for Spirit Animals would be useful. It would make it easier to find friends from the SAMB.




Sorry for the wall of text, and thanks for reading!!

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