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DISCLAIMER: this FWRP has received Shaggy’s blessing. We received his blessing after being delivered an “OwO”, a beautiful arrangement of delicately placed Celestial bronze blades. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. To quote @Hiraeth: “shaggy gave us his blessing via an "owo" made out of celestial bronze blades. this stems a significant change in the reboot of CoI: "owo" is now a magical incantation children of Hecate speak when they wish to use 85% of their power. and making an "OwO" out of celestial bronze blades will immediately attract a god's attention.” These facts are totally, 100% true, no lie, much truth. Be sure to support Shaggy during Marvel’s Endgame, the scene where he defeats Thanos is a real tear-jerker.


I want to thank the writer of the Percy Jackson books, Rick Riordan. His books helped me get through some rough times when I was younger and when I was just learning I had ADHD myself. I looked up to Percy a lot and could relate to the character. For some reason, when I was a kid, I actually thought I was a demigod?? I had this weird conspiracy theory that my dad wasn’t my actual dad and everything, even though he clearly is. Also, I didn’t read the first book for around a week because the intro scared me to bits and pieces, despite not even being that scary. I hope everyone else who decides to join this has had as happy of an experience as I had with the books. If you haven’t read them, I highly recommend checking them out, though you don’t necessarily need to have read the books to join the FWRP.


Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, new camper! If you’re seeing this orientation film, you’re probably a demigod, also referred to as a half-blood. What is a demigod? A demigod/half-blood is someone who is half god, half mortal. One of your parents is probably a god or goddess. To the modern man, you’re probably scoffing right now-- a god/goddess is your parent? That’s impossible. Wait, which kind of god?

Allow me to elaborate. At some point, your mortal parent met your godly parent. Your godly parent is one of the Greek gods. They had you. Your godly parent probably left. Maybe your mortal parent remarried, maybe they remained single-- but gods never tend to stay around for long, especially the major ones.

Speaking of the major gods, let’s talk about The Big Three. The Big Three are the most powerful gods in the Olympian pantheon-- Zeus, Lord of the Sky, Poseidon, Lord of the Seas, and Hades, Lord of the Underworld, the Greek afterlife. They were the ones who divided the universe between themselves after overthrowing their father Kronos, or the man who liked to eat his children. The Big Three swore off having children, as their children tend to cause major disasters.

The faculty of Camp Half-Blood is as clement as its weather… most of the time. Chiron, the centaur from legend-- yes, that Chiron, the one who you probably know nothing about!-- is your activities director. The camp director is Dionysus, the god of grape-harvest, wine, madness, ecstasy and theater. He’s the guy who drains the camp’s Diet Coke supply and wears the tawdry Hawaiian shirts. In other news, he’s the wine dude. Because of him, the camp grows plants like strawberries, then sell them to cover the expenses. The service is called Delphi Strawberry Service. I’ve heard the strawberry fields are nice. (Put “Camp” in Other if you’ve read this far.)

You were probably taken to camp by a goat person. These creatures are known as satyrs-- humanoids with the upper body of a man and lower body of a goat, usually ones who look way younger than they actually are due to aging twice as slow. Usually, they conceal their caprine features with shoes, caps, etc. Unfortunately, the Mist’s insurance doesn’t cover HHH (hoof, horns and hindquarter) concealment.

The Mist is a supernatural force controlled by the goddess Hecate and certain demigods, especially her offspring. It contorts things in the eyes of mortals, serving as the thin veil between the godly world and the mortal one. It conceals monsters, gods, Titans and the like, occasionally changing them. For example, a giant sword might become a baseball bat or a big pointy stick. However, unenchanted weapons will not be hidden. Some mortals can see through the Mist.

Oh! Right, I should probably go over monsters. Most monsters seek out demigods to slay them, able to track them via scent. This is why most demigods are taken to Camp Half-Blood-- you guys seriously REEK. Like, old pizza. But apparently monsters like old pizza. When you kill a monster, they typically reform in Tartarus and then bam. They’re back after a while, weeks, months, even years. Sometimes they’re pulverized into fine, gold, sulfuric dust, but that doesn’t happen too often unless you use a Celestial bronze— a type of magical metal used in most weapons from camp— weapon. A few monsters serve Olympus, like the Pegasi and Furies. Occasionally, when a monster dies, it leaves behind some sort of trophy called a Spoil of War.

That should be all you need to know. Probably. Hopefully. If need be, just, y’know, ask your head counselor. What’s a head counselor-- oh, wait. I never explained cabins. Depending on your godly parent, you’re sorted into a cabin with your half-siblings. Each cabin is ran by a head counselor. They have a TON of responsibilities. They decide the cabin’s activities, go to war counsels/head counselor meetings, take their half siblings to meals and are in charge of cabin inspection. Yeah, like I said, they have a ton of responsibilities.

The camp’s oracle occasionally utters prophecies that send some of the demigod campers on perilous quests; some don’t make it back alive, doomed to fail their quest miserably. The oracle lives in a house called the Big House, Camp Half Blood’s main administrative building. Most of the time, these failed quests are due to the heroes’ fatal flaws. See, almost every demigod has what’s called a ‘fatal flaw’, or hamartia, known in Greek epics as their tragic flaw. These physical, mental, or emotional flaws are the downfall of the hero or heroine, ultimately leading to failure or death. For example: Sammy, daughter of Athena, is brave, but stubborn. Sammy’s bravery combined with her stubbornness creates a sense of pride. It’s not just prideful as in not being able to admit her mistakes, it’s pridefulness as in seldom accepting help, not being able to admit when she’s wrong, and believing she can do everything by herself. See why Sammy might fail a quest that requires other people? Great. (Add “Half-” to other if you’ve read this far.)

Now, with the burden of all this knowledge weighing down your shoulders like Atlas, who holds up the sky, go have fun! Be kids! Angsty kids, but kids!

1: I’d prefer virtually no children of the Big Three. A few are alright, but if there’s too many, I can and will put a ban on children of the Big Three.
2: Hate the character, not the person.
3: Don’t take over other people’s plots. This is general RP etiquette.
4: Make! Original! Characters! Don’t copy someone else’s character or a character from canon. Taking inspiration? That’s okay. But copying someone else’s character and just changing the name, wording of the personality, etc.? Not okay at all.

5: Shipping is okay. LGBTQ+ ships and characters are also allowed. If you hate on LGBTQ+ ships/characters and straight ships/characters alike, you will receive a ban from the FWRP after 1-2 warnings depending on the severity of the content.

6: Tying in with the rule above, your character can have a crush on another character without permission from the other RPer. However, don’t FORCE the ship onto the other person.
7: Don’t be OP, make a Mary/Gary Stu, etc. We prefer to give people free reigns with creativity and also understand demigods tend to have many powers, but there needs to be realistic weaknesses.

8: Only mods can accept forms. You cannot RP a character if their form has not been accepted. Currently, the only mods are @Hiraeth and @Necro.

9: The first character of any god or goddess that is entered is the counselor of their cabin unless otherwise specified by the RPer in the Other section.

10. The mods have all rights to ban you for your etiquette in-RP (breaking the RP’s rules) or out of RP. If your general etiquette and manners are poor, disrespectful, and/or make various people uncomfortable, you will be banned from CoI for a certain amount of time, probably a day or two at a minimum, to forever. If you’re confused on why you were banned, please contact us on a thread or an outside website— but go directly to us first. We’ll tell you why you were banned upon further elaboration.


-- Please try to give forms moderate detail. Having a form that lacks detail may be hard for the mods to review, but one with too much detail is even harder.
-- We’re not accepting mods at the moment, but when we need a third mod we will make an announcement.
-- Remember, small flaws are not fatal flaws.
-- This FWRP has been approved by Shaggy.
-- Add to other if you’ve read this far.
-- The Second Titan War and most, if not all of canon, did not happen.
-- Some somewhat known minor gods do have cabins, such as Hecate and Asclepius. However, if a god is nearly unknown and only have around 1-2 children, their children reside in the Hermes cabin. Like in canon, unclaimed demigods also take up the Hermes cabin as their residence.
-- For the moment, only children of Greek gods and goddesses are allowed; we don’t allow children of the Muses, Titans, Fates, etc. While we did last time, we did some thinking and don’t really consider them Greek gods, more like general mythological figures-- especially Titans. However, we also had other reasons. If we change this we’ll make an announcement.
-- Add “Blood” to Other if you’ve read this far.
-- From what we can garner, most demigods have ADHD and dyslexia, and not having it seems to be extremely rare since Frank is the only demigod without either of these conditions in the entire series as far as we know. It’s alright to make a character who doesn’t have ADHD nor dyslexia, but keep in mind that, as mentioned before, it’s probably rare.
-- All Children of Ichor threads must include the abbreviation CoI to show it is a RP thread.
-- Other Riordanverses, ie Magnus Chase/the Norse gods, do not exist in CoI. As of now.
-- We don’t have the Romans. Yet. 

Form Template:

*= optional

Age: (12-18)


Godly Parent:
Physical Strength(s):
Mental Strength(s):
Emotional Strength(s):
Physical Weakness(es):
Mental Weakness(es):
Emotional Weakness(es):
Fatal Flaw(s):

My form/Example:

Name: Rebbecca (Benetti)
Birthday: March 3rd, 2003♓
Age: 15

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Biromantic Bisexual
Appearance: Rebbecca is built petitely, having a relatively thin frame and standing at 5’4”. She has mid-back length light blond hair that borders on white or platinum blond, which she pulls into a high ponytail with a light blue scrunchie embroidered with daisies. Her eyes are an ice blue color. She usually is seen clad in denim shorts for pants, wearing the standard Camp Half-Blood tee as a top.
Personality: Rebbecca is a ball of sunshine. She’s very cheerful and bubbly, the kind of girl who always has one of those inspirational quotes from those coffee table books up her sleeve. She’s very curious and thirsts for answers. Seeing a blank space where an answer should be is enough to drive her over the edge despite her usual patience. Her naivete is a prominent trait; she doesn’t realize something is up unless something is obviously suspicious. This is mainly due to her optimism, which borders on idealism. She generally has high hopes for those around her. The blonde tends to bottle up her negative emotions, forcing a smile for the sake of others. She sees herself as needing to be the one who cares and nurtures those around her, and that it can never be the other way around. She’s very imaginative, often coming off as strange to occasionally blurting out her random thoughts. Her main motive is to help those around her but also find who she is and where she came from-- she often pushes the latter aside, another inner conflict of hers she tends to bottle up. Because of her extremely loose grasp on her identity and thus not seeing herself as important, she’s very self-sacrificing and is sort of ready to take the bullet for someone she cares about.
Abilities: Due to being a daughter of Apollo, Rebbecca is naturally skilled in archery. She excels in the arts, especially music, doing singing and playing ukulele as hobbies. She also enjoys drawing and has a good handle on human anatomy.

Powers: Rebbecca has vitakinesis, which allows her to heal wounds/cure injuries and diseases-- however, she cannot heal major life-threatening wounds, bring people back from the dead, or cure major diseases ie cancer. She possesses photokinesis, but cannot create light, only manipulate it, and depending on how long she manipulates the aforementioned light it’s physically strenuous. She also possesses a limited form of precognition that gives her the occasional brief glimpse of the future.
Godly Parent: Apollo
Backstory: To be weveawed uwu
Weapon: Rebbecca’s weapon is a bow called Daphne, with the Greek word for “laurel” carved into it. The bow is disguised as a brass lyre-shaped hair clip. When unclipped, it becomes a collapsible Celestial Bronze bow. How does it become a hair clip again? Simple. The bow collapses and returns to its normal hair clip form.
Physical Strength(s): Rebbecca is fast. She’s also good at archery; she has skills a talented archer has.
Mental Strength(s): Rebbecca is book smart, and is an imaginative individual. She also has a good auditory memory.
Emotional Strength(s): Rebbecca is a triple threat: optimistic, cheerful and is good at motivating others. Beware.
Physical Weakness(es): Rebbecca is physically weak in terms of upper body strength. She’s clumsy with blades due to being used to bows and to be frank, she’s short and can’t reach high things.
Mental Weakness(es): Rebbecca has ADHD-PI and dyslexia. She’s also very naive in most cases. Furthermore, she lacks much street smarts.
Emotional Weakness(es): Rebbecca bottles up her negative emotions for the sake of others and lacks a sense of identity/self-worth; she doesn’t see herself as having a purpose and thus doesn’t really know who she is. She’s too curious for her own good when intrigued, often landing in dangerous situations because of this.
Fatal Flaw(s): Extreme optimism- Rebbecca’s extreme optimism can cross into idealism. When this happens, she’s very slow to notice the flaws in a plan or suspicious person, increasing her naivete and leaving her more easily fooled.
- Her favorite beverage is hot cocoa.
- Her favorite food is apple pie.
- Her favorite flowers are marigolds and sunflowers.
- Her favorite plant in general is a venus flytrap.
- Her favorite icecream flavor is strawberry.
- Her favorite season is spring.
- Her favorite colors are pink and blue.
- Her favorite animal is a rabbit.
Other: Read the thread.

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Question: If two characters were being shipped in the older, not-rebooted version, can we continue it? (That is, with both people's permission)


...I feel like I'm asking an unnecessary question.



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Do I have to resubmit the form? (sorry)

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(plato was a great philosopher. he said that we should be kind to everyone, because everyone is fighting a difficult battle.)

Name: Ryan Chan

*Nicknames: None yet.
*Birthday: December 22, 2003
Age: 15
Gender: Genderfluid
*Sexuality: Pansexual
Appearance: Ryan is half Chinese and Greek, but she's more on the Chinese side. She has a light complexion and slightly high cheekbones. She has long, dark-black hair that falls to just on her shoulders and dull dark brown eyes. She also has a slightly sharp face. Ryan has skinny, lean body with not much muscle. She is kind of tall, at 5"7. Ryan dresses in a casual manner, so you can see her in blue hoodies (Underneath her hoodie is a Camp Half-Blood T-shirt), black jeans, and white high-tops nearly everyday.

Personality: Ryan is quiet around people who don't know him much, but very loud to people he's familiar with. He get flustered easily and likes joking around. He's smart, of course, like all Athena kids. He can quickly come up with ideas, but sometimes they may not be the best. Ryan is serious and mature when the situation is like that, but he's usually a very chill person. He likes teasing people, but he might accidentally hurt them without him knowing. Ryan can have trouble making friends and judges people by the way they behave. He can be a bit rebellious and mean, but he means well. He has a lot of patience, surprisingly, and doesn't have a short temper. He notices small details and responds fast. He acts aloof when he's angered or just feeling sad. Ryan can be a little bit blunt sometimes without knowing.

Abilities: Ryan is very intelligent and stronger than humans. Because of their mother, Ryan is a good strategist and an excellent warrior. Ryan also has telumkinesis and audiokinesis due to being a child of Athena

Godly Parent: Athena
*Backstory: blank owo
*Weapon: Ryan's weapon is a sword made of celestial bronze.
Physical Strength(s): Ryan is agile and fast.
Mental Strength(s): Ryan is smart.
Emotional Strength(s): Ryan has patience.
Physical Weakness(es): Ryan is not strong and doesn't have a lot of muscle in him.
Mental Weakness(es): Ryan becomes aloof when he's upset.

Fatal Flaw(s): Ryan can be stubborn and not willing to cooporate--even if it might affect himself in a bad way.
*Trivia: They like the numbers 23, 18, and 17.
Other: Camp Half-Blood


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can i say i love you all?

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If it's alright, could my demigods be of Eros, Thantos, and Hemera, (I know she's a primeval goddess, but I believe she is still a Greek Goddess) thank you.

Also, if and only if you ever decide to allow Muse children, (Please note I'm not requesting) could you please claim a child of Clio, thank you.

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bookmark/ quick question- can you make more then one character?

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