For the sake of this post, I will lay down some rules.


Rule 1: DO NOT copy my OCs for your own use. These OCs are not for free use and I will NOT be giving these characters away any time soon.

Rule 2: DO NOT ask if I am giving away these OCs. I'm sure that at least one ignorant person is going to message me and ask, but I just don't want to be spammed with a question I will repeatedly say no to-no matter the person.

Rule 3: You are free to copy the TEMPLATE that I use. The template that I use is the generic template that most people want in RPs, so feel free to copy down the catagories and such.

Rule 4: Feel free to comment on this post! I am always open to critques of my characters, so don't be afraid to reply. If you have questions about me or my OCs, I will answer them to the best of my ability.

(This post will be updated regularly every so often with new characters, so stop by when you get the chance!)


Name: Storyteller

Tribe: NightWing

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Teacher or student: Teacher

Royal or not: Not

Parents: Blindsight (mother, deceased) and Mindgames (father)

Siblings: None

Skills: Writing, Prophesy Decoder

Personality: Paranoid, Careful, Wants everything to have balance and order (Very tidy), Introvert (But he will never be afraid to talk when books come into a conversation)

Appearance: Dark purple scales with iridescent qualities, dark gray underbelly sales, horns turn upwards and bend forward (Cresent shape), evergreen eyes, thin and lean stature and bodytype

Backstory: Ever since he received his first book from his parents, Blindsight and Mindgames, as a birthday gift when he turned 5, Storyteller has always had his sights on writing just like the authors of the countless stories he read as a dragonet. Once he turned 14, he began to invest his abundant amount of time staying at home while his father Mindgames assisted the queen with orders and his mother Blindsight practiced her mastery of braille to write his own stories. Since Storyteller's mother couldn't see, he would always take time to read her his latest tales of war, friendship, and family. So when it was reported only 3 years later that Blindsight had drowned by an incapacitaing wave when out at the beach during a thunderstorm, Storyteller and his father were devestated. Mindgames had become filled with overwhelming grief, refusing to go to work or eating at times. Storyteller, however, didn't let the grief consume him and made sure to let the life of his mother live on in his stories. He recited narratives to yound dragonets of a blind dragon that wouldn't let anything stand in her way, and how she conquered every task she was given. After his escapades of reading to all the dragonets, he decided to become a teacher at the academy, hoping to pass on his knowledge to all he teaches. He also later became a stellar decoder of prophecies, which surprisingly helped greatly in stopping small accidents that NightWing students would inform him of in the usual 'prophesy subtle hinting' lingo.

Special Powers: None

Regular Powers: Sees into the future (Prefers not to use this power because of all the terrible things he forsees)


Name: Lynx

Tribe: IceWing

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight (but flexible)

Teacher or Student: Student

Royal or Not: Not

Parents: Catmint (mother) and Tundra (father)

Siblings: Lichen (brother), Spruce (brother)

Skills: Stealth (silent steps and quick wits), better than average fighting skills, intelligent about plants (knows if a plant is poisonous or has healing properties)

Personality: Quiet (keeps to herself, not a conversation starter), Sarcastic, Clever, Fearless (won't back down for a fight), Caring (cares for her friends dearly, even if it might not seem like it on the outside)

Appearance: Dark silver scales, navy blue spots around eyes, bulky in stature (she's got some muscles), thin-whip tail with no spikes at the tip, dark blue eyes

Backstory: Even since Lynx was born she was always told she would amount to nothing compared to her two brothers. Lichen was a royal guard for the IceWing queen, and Spruce was a wealthy trader at the Scorpion Den's market. Lynx, however, never minded the ridicule that her parents launched at her. She devoted her time at home to studying all the plants and wildlife of Pyrrhia. With her knowledge, she stopped her mother Catmint from eating wild holly berries, and she interrupted her father Tundra from throwing away an aloe vera and deeming it 'useless' when it can be used to treat burns, sores, and itches (her father always complained about his back being itchy). Even though she wasn't the family favorite, Lynx earned the respect of her parents. Catmint taught her how to walk silently in the snow, while Tundra teached her how to fight. She strides to become more than her brothers, but will do so independently.

Special Powers: None

Regular Powers: Frostbreath, camouflage in the snow


Name: Fennec

Tribe: SandWing/RainWing

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Teacher or Student: NA

Royal or Not: Not

Parents: Sidewinder (SandWing, mother) and Kiwi (RainWing, father)

Siblings: Scorpion (brother)

Skills: Pickpocketing, barganing

Personality: Charismatic, Independant, protective, extrovert, lady's man (uses flirting as a distraction or to get his way)

Appearance: Pale yellow scales with bright yellow armoured scales, orange accents spread across body, spots around eyes (can change color), wings change color (tries to keep them yellow and orange to hide his RainWing abilities), normal bodytype (not too thin, not too bulky), confident stature (likes to puff his chest out), no stinger, curly tail, dark purple eyes

Backstory: Fennec lived most of his life on the streets of the Sand Kingdom. His family suffered the wrath of SandWings who didn't approve of hybrids, so they frequently moved from house to house, keeping under the radar. As a dragonet, Fennec was shunned for being a hybrid. He was often bullied and harassed by other dragonets, not to mention the adults that would ridicule him for being a bad influence on their children (which was hardly the case when it came to his personality, only being rejected because of his genes). In order to help his parents, who were in debt from the constant travel, he forced himself to pickpocket the unaware dragons of the marketplace. This would soon become a hobby of his, using his gift of charm to decieve the ignorant dragons who only payed attention to his words and not his tail slinking into their purse to snatch some spare change. He is an avid protestor of hybrid acceptance in society, speaking for not just his family, but all the hybrids in Pyrrhia.

Special Powers: None

Regular Powers: Camouflage in the sand, can hang from trees with his tail


(More OCs coming in future replies)

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Call me by Neo. Yes, like that dude from The Matrix.


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