I read Becky's post, it'll be sad to see all the forums go, epsecially this place and the SAMB, since they house many pleasant memories, and it appears this month may be the last time some forumers ever communicate with other people here.


I luckily am able to access Home Base, but it's still going to be a big change.

I'm using pages as a way to store my posts, I'm planning to add my homethread, Travellers, A Tale of Moons Long Gone (I'll see if I can actually finish it, I've been stuck for ages on the third chapter), Shifting Elements, a few of my old roleplays, and perhaps a few of my old characters from other old roleplays just for the memories.


If anyone who's reading this and likely won't be able to come onto Home Base, then I guess this is Goodbye, but if you can, I'll see you there

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